Green Man Gaming: Trick Or Treat Sale

by John Briggson October 25, 2014
Our friends over at Green Man Gaming have struck out with this year's halloween deals- splitting all the sales up into six different "buckets of deals". They've hidden some hidden "tricks" or "treats" on certain titles, as well as up to 90% discounts.
welcome pack green man gaming

Green Man Gaming Welcome Pack

by Frederik Bukowskion October 25, 2014
Get 6 Steam games for FREE and a 23% off voucher for any game when registering a new account on Green Man Gaming!

Kiss My Bundles: The Strategy KissMyBundle

by Marinoon October 24, 2014
BattlePlan American Civil War debuts in this bundle. Plus: Age of Fear: The Undead King, Manhunter, Desert Thunder, Chernobyl Commando, Age of Fear 2, Hostile Waters: Anteus Rising, Marine Sharpshooter


GMG Deal of the Day: Portal Bundle

by Marinoon October 24, 2014
One of the most praised game series is at 75% OFF over at GMG. If you still haven't got a chance to be ridiculed by GLaDOS, grab it now!

Groupees: WGN?! Arena Bundle

by Marinoon October 24, 2014
WGN?! Arena Bundle includes: Arena : Cyber Evolution (Founder's Pack DLC), Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Orbital Gear, Grimind, Chip, Space Farmers

Green Man Gaming: Worms Franchise Sale

by John Briggson October 24, 2014
Ready to cash in on some Worms action? Rush over to Green Man Gaming to pick up the critically acclaimed Worms series!

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