8-Bit Night and Star-Twine giveaway

by on July 8, 2012

Recession Bundle bonus games up for grabs! Yay!

10 winners will get a Desura key for both bonus games.


If you’re up for helping the developers and charity, you can buy the bundle for as little as 1 USD (but we hope more)  :) 8-Bit Night and Star-Twine giveawayicon_smileRIGHT HERE.


Important: The winners will get Desura keys for 8-Bit Night and Star-Twine. All entries will be checked and cheaters will be banned from this and further giveaways. A few “smart” individuals entered the “buy the bundle” option without actually buying so they ended up on our “bad boy” list, which means that they will never be picked for any future giveaway, ever. There you have it.


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Please enter the url to a YouTube video.


Good luck!

  • Sebastieyn

    I am a avid gamer. Even more so, I love making games, as I am going into the business and taking classes and such.. It always makes me happy to see others trying to get there games out there and try their best. So I wish all you indie game makers to do your best and the best of luck to you all. If I could I would buy each and everyone of these games for more than their normal prices.

  • http://www.bundlehq.com/members/admin/ Frederik Bukowski

    Thank you Sebastieyn, I wish there were more gamers like you :)

  • ropes

    As usual thanks for reminding us of great freeware

  • Paulo

    Thank you buddy! ;p

  • MaximeElbac

    I’ve had Enter at Buy the bundle without mail.
    Help !

  • http://www.bundlehq.com/members/admin/ Frederik Bukowski

    Send me a private mail at igbundles at gmail.com and tell me your mail associated with paypal. Already put you on naughty list, good thing I noticed this comment, so I’ll remove you :)

  • MaximeElbac

    But i don’t bought the buundle and i sent Enter !
    My name is Maxime Elbachir.

  • http://www.bundlehq.com/members/admin/ Frederik Bukowski

    No problem, we’ll just remove your 10 point entry. Thanks for letting us know.

  • michael gault

    this might sound a bit naive but how do you cheat?

  • http://www.bundlehq.com/members/admin/ Frederik Bukowski

    By entering for a 10 point entry and not actually purchasing a bundle. All entries are hand checked and smart one that tried that got on a nice “will never win anything” list.

  • Paulo

    Oh well.. i sure did this too..sorry
    Shame on me..:/
    it’s ok…
    Thank you guys anyway!

  • http://billyrosewood.blogspot.com DjParagon

    Thank you so much, you guys rocks !