Big Ass Autumn Giveaway!

by on October 20, 2012

Well hello there!

Big Ass Autumn Giveaway!IGBundleBanner

To celebrate 6 months of IGB, we’re giving away more than 2000 games. Indeed.

The main giveaway, in which you can participate by filling out the little tasks in the below widget, will last one week, until next Saturday.

The winners will get their games during the next Sunday.

Also, stay tuned to IGBundles this week because we plan to make daily giveaways as well!

Good luck!


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A very special thanks to all the developers that generously supported our giveaway!

  • http://www.chievebox.wordpress.com Tairum

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck to all!

  • Johnathan Yu


  • http://www.chievebox.wordpress.com Tairum

    War of The Roses, Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC or FTL are the games that i want

  • Anthony Lucas

    I want to have Trine 2!!!!

  • IceCubez

    Trine 2!

  • Felipe

    I think I want trine 2

  • GPP


  • Alex

    Resonance is the game I’d like the most (from that list). A good old-fashioned adventure game.

    From the ones that I already own… ARES is a great blast. It’s a 2D action game in the same vein as Megaman (run, jump, shoot and compete for the high score).

  • OrangeOrBlack

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Derek

    The game I’d like the most I suppose is War of the Roses, just to see what it’s like.

  • JCDenton

    I want Faster Than Light (FTL)!

  • Paul Calderon

    Sweet :D GL to all

  • Arslan

    Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  • T

    Holy potato!

  • Simon

    Wow, that’s epic.

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  • Patrick

    War of the Roses

  • Pond Peerawas

    Wow thank you for the giveaway.
    Will be much more thank if i win those lol

  • Christoph

    Wow, amazing giveaway. So many great games. I’ve been eyeing FTL, Resonance, Unmechanical, War of the Roses and Goblin Menace since they came out.
    FTL is currently probably highest on that list. But don’t make me choose. :-)

  • Explorerbc

    My favorite from the list would be FTL

  • CJV

    Thank you for the giveaway ;). I wouldn’t mind Resonance and Trine 2.

  • Arslan

    I like geneforce saga or krater :D

  • ze_doctor

    good luck guys

  • Dillon

    Gib Krater plox

  • SsqualL

    OMG ! Krater, FTL, Resonance… I love you, and i wan’t to win xD

  • CrysisX

    O.o 2000 games?! Awesome! :D

  • SsqualL

    And by the way, i want FTL the most ! =D

  • james “kuda”


  • CrysisX

    Games I want most -> Any JRPG game :P

  • http://babuchagamer.blogspot.com jose mota

    i want trine 2 dlc!

  • http://jacobwgames.wordpress.com Jacic

    I definitely want Trine 2!

  • Antagonist


  • Redacted


  • Fly Racer

    War of The Roses

  • Vampirewood

    I want to have War Of The Roses , awesome game :3 . Thanks for giveaway , we really appreciate it :3

  • http://- Oni Shinobi

    I want War of the Roses or Unmechanical the most! Colorpus looks fun too :)

  • mete0s

    I would love to get Trine 2 or Trine 2 Goblin Menace so i could give it to a friend.

  • Makru

    I want FTL most. It looks so awesome.

  • Dusko

    Thanks for giveaway

  • aquivas

    FTL is the one I want the most.

  • http://timoneda.es Timoneda

    I want FTL more than any other!

  • Danaroth

    Dunno; they are all great games, as long as it’s something I don’t have I’m cool with it =D

  • http://twitter.com/GameDemonKing GameDemonKing

    FTL all the way baby!!

  • Smog

    Awesome !!
    most wanted: Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC

  • Arslan

    War of the roses :D

  • acer7

    Great giveaway. Thank you!

  • OrangeOrBlack

    War of the Roses rocks

  • Rukia

    War of the Roses

  • InvaderRJ

    FTL, Krater, or War of the Roses would be amazing wins!

  • acer7

    I’d love to get Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC.

  • Scott

    Most excited for ARES, though FTL is a close second.

  • joni

    yeaah! FTL

  • manuel

    i’d like trine 2

  • Woozie


  • Eoghan

    I’m hoping I can win the Trine 2 DLC.

  • http://www.1onemilion.com ge0


  • uqblf

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to play Resonance! :)

  • Jakub Kuśmierz

    I’d like to win FTL!

  • Mr P


  • Sgt Stoner

    Trine 2, KRATER, FTL

  • Igor Moroz

    Nice, War of The Roses

  • robinhugy

    maybe trine 2 or dlc or krater :D

  • Mr P

    I’d like Hamilton’s Great Adventure or another of these games

  • Dedrahel

    War of the Roses

  • Wool_Sheep

    Le blog posting for Unmechanical.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/Muskotti Muskotti

    I’d love FTL :)

  • Drezzer

    FTL & War of the Roses!!

  • @Stormcio

    Trine DLC! :D THanks!!!

  • dbolt

    Would like to get FTL :D

  • Damir

    Hoping for War of the Roses. FTL would be cool, too.

  • Tomasz K.

    I hope to play Unmechanical full version someday. The demo was great – i recommend it for everyone :)

  • sashastas


  • http://war2.ru Dmitry Romanenko

    FTL would be cool!

  • Anonymous

    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda

  • gmanvg


  • AlexTouchdown

    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda would be nice :)

  • Anonymous


  • Martin

    Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC

    Trine and Trine 2 are awesome games.

  • Toka.

    I’d love Geneforge Saga :)

  • Pouria

    Trine 2

  • silvester

    Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC

  • bertyoo


  • Hannes

    Trine 2 would be nice. :)

  • Jing

    Would love to try out FTL, heard good things about it

  • Tom

    I’d love it if I got War of The Roses or FTL.

    I love you guys forever, by the way. (That wasn’t an attempted at free games, honest.)

  • Kamikki

    I really want trine 2 :)

  • adeyke

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • adeyke

    I want Unmechanical most.

  • Turcu Adrian

    Hoping for War of the Roses. Thanks for the giveaways.

  • Harry

    Awesome giveaway guys. Trine 2, Unmechanical, Hamilton’s Great Adventure, and KRATER are the games I’d like to win most. :)

  • Fergus

    I want Hamilton’s Great Adventure the most

  • calaud

    Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC
    I want this


  • Morphys

    War of the Roses or Krater :)

  • tofmin

    FTL FTW! Thanks!

  • Androu1

    dat trine 2, hhhhnnnnngggg

  • Yaanu

    I’ll take whatever is left over.

  • James

    You’re offering a nice variety of games here. I’m not sure I can narrow it down to just one I’d most like to have. Of the list here, I think the only ones I have right now are Trine 2, Rochard, and Geneforge Saga. I’d be happy to win any of the other games, especially if they’re not multi-player only. Thanks for the big offer!

  • sasila

    thank you

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/phedran Phedran

    Wow, it’s funny how much I wanted FTL as soon as I saw it on the list. XD

  • Legnar

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I really want trine 2 :)

  • Demonolok

    Wow, very nice. Thanks for amazing giveaway!!!

  • killedbylover

    WOW! Great giveaway. Thanks a lot

  • RankoR

    I want FTL !

  • Username

    I really want FTL… or Unmechanical

  • Kelvan

    Thank you for the HUGE giveaway!! I really would like to win FTL!! :D

  • jim

    War of the Roses Would be Great

  • Cris

    Unity of Command, of course!

  • Tonis

    Unity of Command! :D

  • Jeff the Fridge

    Most of these games look pretty good, i don’t care what I get, but would really like FTL or Trine 2 DLC

  • Yann

    I’d like either War of roses, Trine 2 or Resonance for sure!

  • lamolieu

    Trine 2.

  • http://eldesvanderaul.blogspot.com.es Donpastor

    I love roguelikes! I love space games!
    Therefore I love FTL!!!

  • Kang

    DEFINITELY FTL!!! see it everywhere, read it everywhere, wanna try it too!

  • Leim

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Personally, I’d really like FTL and/or Unmechanical.

  • Panagiotis

    Great giveaway. Good job!

  • Andrea

    War of the Roses, thanks for the chance :) !

  • WJ

    I love Unmechanical

  • kurt

    war of rose pls

  • Nick

    War of the Roses

  • sirkero

    I want Krater most, that’s looked super hot to me since before it came out!

  • Gamer

    Trine 2 or Indie Gala X would be amazing. That’s for the giveaways!

  • Jer

    indie gala x! :D

  • http://www.shapeways.com/shops/workshopofthings Innsewerants

    War of the Roses would make me very happy! Awesome giveaway!

  • Akella

    Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  • zstarsz

    War of the Roses

  • bbankrablo

    Indie Gala X, because there’s an X in the name.
    Like Axel or Maximillian or Dex.

  • Ezequiel

    Sweet! FTL

  • Acronums

    oh jeez :D
    i would love FTL, Krater, or ANYTHINGGG
    -hope i win-

  • knux81

    War of the Roses…WOO!! Clank of armour and the clash of steel? Epic.

  • Mark

    FTL, ftw.

  • Kevin


  • Donato

    this giveaway is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Alexander


  • ninjapresident

    Unmechanical, Krater, and FTL all look really good. Be cool to win one of those!

  • Seba

    I’ve won Unmechanical some time ago, gave it to the girlfriend… and immediately regretted it, game looks fun. So I’d like to win that one! (again!)

  • Maty


  • dani

    Trine DLC!!!

  • http://indie-elitist.blogspot.com/ Jonathon Wisnoski


  • Toby Hayes

    Unity of Command looks pretty nice!

  • FuzzieBoy

    Great giveaway here ^.^

  • http://mobers.org psydex

    Resonance <3

  • FuzzieBoy

    I would love Krater or War of the Roses, or maybe Rochard… or anything but ARES (which I already own) :P

  • dinamomania

    Geneforge Saga it’s a nice game!

  • Henrik Rostedt

    I hope i win Resonance, it seem to be a really good game!

  • James Montgomery

    This giveaway is awesome! I’d just love to get anything haha.

  • Aegislaetis

    I hope I win Unmechanical… it looks great! =D

  • Ana Fekete

    I would like FTL.

  • Pieter

    I’d love FTL!

  • Alex Larsen

    Would love Unmechanical! :D (or Krater) Damn – Both games look great :D

    And btw – Thanks for a super awesome site and everything! :D

  • http://www.megabite.sk megabite

    Trine 2 DLC <3


    Indie Gala X!!!!

  • Z

    Trine 2!

  • Kyle A.


  • AG


  • Doranakaar

    I’d be Krater.

  • http://ja.gram.pl/Karfein Karfein

    War of the Roses!

  • fewmenleft

    Unmechanical looks nice

  • Luiz Alves

    Trine 2 is pretty much the only game I miss on the list ;)

  • http://zwischen-welten.info/ Trungel

    FTL, hearing to much about it, want to play it

  • Hardik

    I would love FTL!!

  • Sev

    Unmechanical looks great.

  • Silvarit Jackington

    Cool stuff.

  • Danielle

    Hamilton’s Great Adventure

  • Insomnio

    War of the Roses

  • V2015

    Thanks for the oportunities.

  • David E

    War of the Roses all the way.

  • JCTango


  • Lighnat0r

    War of the Roses

  • xinyo

    war of the rose!!

  • Anonymous

    I want Trine 2!

  • Nabi

    Can’t pick just one!

  • http://www.grafosgames.com Grafos

    Indie Gala X
    because I’m greedy and want many games :P

  • https://twitter.com/PatienceMaddox PatienceMaddox

    trine 2!

  • zqxinran

    Thank you so much!
    I’m wondering if I can get Unmechanical. :P

  • Glauber

    The game I would like more is FTL!

  • AnthonyLinx

    I want Krater! Wheww!

  • Raul

    Probably War of the Roses, heard good things about that one. I would love to win FTL, if I didn’t have it already.

  • Ellohir

    Thanks a lot!! :D

  • Ellohir

    I think I’d prefer Trine 2

  • evilcoming

    I want Trine 2!!!

  • angrybigtank

    War of the Roses

  • Cz

    Awesome thanks

  • AAA

    Trine 2 would be nice!

  • Anonymous

    Indie Gala X
    it’s great!

  • AAA

    Trine 2 please?

  • AAA

    Oops, accidentally commented twice, please ignore ^^

  • Leonel


  • Gary Samson

    Want the whole lot, of course, besides the ones I already have :) Krater will have to wait until I move from XP, so Resonance will probably be the first I play.

  • Gary

    FTL is the one I’m most interested in

  • flsxm

    War of The Roses, Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC or FTL are the games that i want

  • FOV-01

    Thanks! ^_^

  • Gamer4life88266

    trine 2

  • whfx

    Indie Gala X

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002033616263 sevendeng

    Thanks! ^_^

  • ClutchBear

    i want Trine 2 and DLC

  • Franksu

    great giveaway, really want a Resonance

  • Leon

    Trine 2

  • http://haohaoallright.blogspot.com/ Hu Yifan

    War of the Roses!Of cause.

  • Jack Lin

    Hoping to get War of the Roses and Trine 2.

  • MAty


  • Kevin W.

    The Journey Down

    Love me some good P&C Adventure.

  • William F.

    FTL or Indie Gala X would be fantastic. I’ve been hearing many good things about FTL, and I’d love to try it out.

  • Phantom Chicken

    War of the Roses… or FTL!

  • http://wow! qianxiang zhou

    sooooooooooo cool ! thx

  • pelish

    War of the Roses and Trine 2

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Any of them lol

  • NinjaTTM

    so cool

  • Anonymous

    War of the Roses!it’s cool!

  • http://none xxxpassenger

    War of the Roses! it’s cool!

  • Christian Weißgerber

    The game i want the most is Resonance.

  • Emerik


  • Emerik

    I’d go for War of the Roses

  • Denis

    War of The Roses :)

  • drumsfellow

    FTL or Resonance, can’t decide!

  • Thanh

    i want everything you give ^^

  • Robert Pragt

    This is amazing. I’d really love to play RESONANCE.

  • anticitizen101


  • Vercinger

    FTL! Very much looking forward to playing that gem!

  • George

    Trine 2

  • http://addictedgamewise.blogspot.com Nikola

    FTL is what I’d love the most, but Krater is a close second.

  • Juanicus

    Unmechanical would be great! :)

  • Androol

    I’d like Unmechanical. Though Goblin Menace and FTL are also mighty appealing. Great giveaway!

  • Igor

    I want War Of the Roses

  • Andanari Puspadini

    trine 2

  • MaximeElbac

    Hamilton’s Great Adventure !

  • DieLea

    Great giveaway! I can’t even decide which game I’d want to have most.

  • Adrian

    i want trine 2!

  • Alexander

    I’d like Trine 2

  • j

    trine 2

  • Momin

    Congratulations! and Thanks!

    That Unmechanical would be grea :)

  • Kartemar

    It’s awesome!

  • Heliu


  • Thomas Heiler

    Hoping for Geneforge Saga

  • Guty

    I want War of the Roses but any other is wellcome

  • zupsky

    I need FTL! <3

  • Huan W Chua

    Unity of Command

  • Dropkick Murphy

    Hoping for War Of The Roses, FTL or Krater, good luck to everyone else!

  • Rogi


  • Gaurav

    Awesome Giveaway! I’m in for FTL!

  • jebuscus

    i’m all for war of the roses<3 best giveaway ever. good luck to you.

  • Tomás

    I want the Trine 2!

  • James Decker

    Goblin Menace :D

  • http://lordhell.cz/ lordhell

    Super, thanks. Good luck all.

  • Ricky

    Awesome giveaway.
    Thanks a lot!

  • elmerenges

    Thanks guys :)

  • Pedro Benoliel

    I don’t care which game I win as long as I win one! I hope it’s not the DLC though…

  • elmerenges

    I want War of the Roses

  • Wienna

    Would love to win Trine 2! :)

  • Soturak

    I’d love to win Trine 2! It looks really good!

  • AJ

    Unmechanical looks nice.

  • Sirmccona

    the one i’m most interested in is resonance :)

  • Nickolas

    I’m really interested in Unmechanical. Thanks for this big-ass giveaway :)

  • mbk

    War of the Roses.

  • http://thexnahobbyist.blogspot.com/ Jutaris

    It’s tight but I think I like War of the Roses over FTL here.

  • Jacek

    Hamilton’s Great Adventure, please. :)

  • Joe

    Definitely War of the Roses, seen as I had to study that time period.

  • dani

    Resonance :)

  • telmoedu

    waaaaa perft prizes. my favourite gae of that is trine 2

  • drui


  • lpmafiota

    Trine 2.

  • Dekken

    Want that FTL

  • Tuddywutwut

    I would really like FTL.

  • Rimantas

    War of the Roses!

  • Martyn Ras

    Trine 2 for the win!

  • csdx

    Oh I’m torn between a couple, but lets say Gala X because I’m likely to buy it myself even if I don’t win

  • Jaanus

    War of the Roses

  • Teburninator

    I want any game!

  • Toby

    Great giveaway, thanks! Would love FTL.

  • Leonardo

    Thankies, I want KRATER.

  • Zhou

    I hope I get FTL

  • http://www.nn45.com TheMadcore (@TheMadcore)

    2000 games? I WANT IT WITH ALL MY SOUL!!!!

  • http://www.nn45.com TheMadcore (@TheMadcore)

    Trine 2 is the one I want more.

  • Will


  • Akaahn

    fingers crossed

  • wendy

    I want rochard

  • James Robson

    I want War of the roses :)

  • http://fuckyouiwanttrine@gmail.com Nico Navall

    I like trine:P.

  • Emmanuel Kanje

    I want trine!!!

  • Pe3dr0

    I want anything :F

  • Raoin

    I want The Journey Down Chapter 1. (:

  • zubiloubiloeu30


  • http://madhattercreativeworks.moonfruit.com MadHatterXIII

    Wow, that’s an absolutely awesome giveaway.

  • Anonymous

    oh shait. war of the roses would be absolutely amazing game to have.

  • jesse K

    war of the roses is the one. i’d be buying it anyway.

  • Alan

    Looking forward playing War of the Roses!! :)

  • Evrad

    I know it’s impossible but: I want a copy of Resonance!!!!

  • Obryant

    Nice job! I can not wait more xD

  • michael gault

    nice giveaway, so wheres this blog we have to comment on at?

  • michael gault

    War Of The Roses.

  • Federico Giacomantone

    Trine 2

  • Jorge Pacho

    OMG, more than 2000 games, this is indeed a big ass giveaway!!

  • Colin

    I would definitely want FTL the most! Thanks for doing this giveaway, and good luck to all!

  • John

    Wow, awesome, thanks!!

  • John

    and war of the roses ftw :D

  • Dan

    War Of The Roses!

  • http://centribo.com Adam Leung

    Trine 2 or Rochard!

  • Karion

    Just hoping to win unity of command

  • James

    Unmechanical or FTL

  • Dcmac

    Resonance is what I want!

  • Peter

    Trine 2 in particular, but I don’t mind.

  • nserbass

    I would like to have Trine 2 Goblin Menace, but FTL looks awesome too :D

  • Dragon9000


  • Agus

    War of the Roses or FTL!

  • Sam

    the journey down looks good :)

  • Samuel Cortez

    War of the Roses is Awesome!
    Also FLT for the Win!

  • sbsdo

    i want all.lol

  • http://hardiannazief.com Dian


  • Seva

    Thanks :3

  • silphatos

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Manjaniq

    Why not War of the Roses and Resonance ?

  • http://twitter.com/spike_gold Spike Gold

    INSANE! I love it though. Thanks for the chance!

  • alguillenar

    I want Trine 2

  • Nish

    Nice giveaway!! TY :)

  • Martin

    FTL, looks very good.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002033616263 sevendeng


  • Brunno

    The DLC for Trine 2 it’s my most wanted from that list.

  • afketo


  • Daniel


  • condumitru

    Lookin forward for that Trine2 actually.

  • Alberto

    If I had to choose I would prefer Hamilton’s Great Adventure

    thank you!!

  • lmxn

    Resonance. Also thanks IGB for this massive giveaway!

  • DImas

    I want War of the roses!

  • Miquel Vidal

    War of the Roses. I’m a Paradox fanboy.

  • Alex

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Sand Block


  • Tr0Be4k3r

    Thx for giveaway!

  • Gabriel B.

    I would like Indie Gala X.

  • Ntham

    Thanks for giveaway, Good luck!

  • Michael R

    FTL plz :)

  • Piotr

    FTL is tempting, but now that Indie Gala has been added IMO it’s best option.
    aaand… Happy half-birhday IGB ;P

  • ivan

    Nica giveaway

  • jose manuel

    I really love portal and portal 2. But my favourite indie game is “frozan synapse”

  • luter

    Hamilton’s Great Adventure

  • nismox2

    Thanks for the giveway!

    I really want FTL!

  • http://madhattercreativeworks.moonfruit.com MadHatterXIII

    I really want.. Krater or FTL

  • Kalil

    War of the Roses would be so awesome!

  • Draco


  • Sandro

    I would like to win FTL.

  • HolyKronos

    I want Elysium 3

  • Anonymous

    Bioshock Infinite

  • Nelson

    Bioshock Infinite

  • Nelson

    Duh, i didnt realised it had to be from that list.
    Trine 2

  • Logan

    Trine 2 all the way

  • ryan

    awesome giveaway

  • tungii

    good luck everyone

  • http://x fkfacebook

    Seriously. can’t even enter to any free contests because I don’t have a facebook account. Fk facebook and i hope everyone who uses that PoS ends up in the dump where they belong.

    Instead of making my contests free entry on my blog, im going to make you register at some arbitrary social media site of my choice… do you like analaddicts.com ?? well in order to win free shit you have to be registered there. bottom line… NOTHING IS FREE don’t put it in your title.

  • Paul Karsmakers

    I’d like FTL or Krater

  • Ian K

    I would actually love to try out ARES.

  • Anonymous

    hard to win?so many guys…

  • satancoming

    i think it‘s hard to win?so many guys…

  • John

    I wouldn’t mind any of those, though I definitely would prefer Trine 2.

  • http://gazettenaush.tumblr.com Naushi

    Trine 2 is cool, as I already have some of the others… But anything is okay ! :)

  • Soulfier

    Trine 2 Goblin menace and unmechanical are my most wanted ^^

  • Milos R.


  • Kevin

    Ares is my most wanted out of the list

  • Lucas Pekel

    Trine 2 :)

  • Hrathen


  • Marco

    Resonance FTW!

  • Ryuuga

    Trine 2. No, War of the Roses, maybe Resonance, or Unmechanical or KRATER. I can’t decide.

  • anl

    I want to try Trine 2

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KronosSama Nekosama

    This will be awesome!

  • Moskau

    The most wanted are: Trine 2 Goblin Menace, Unmechanical, Hamilton’s Great Adventure or Resonance.

  • Switches

    Indie Gala X is the way to go! I really want that bundle! >.<

  • Loftydreamer

    Resonance and the Trine DlC are the two I want most!

  • gilby

    Here’s hoping for FTL.

  • juan

    I want KRATER :D

  • Anders Clausen

    Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC

  • Magnus

    I’m really hoping for Trine 2 Goblin menace

  • Abixa

    Awesome thanks ! :-*

  • Abixa

    BTW I want FTL or the Trine 2 DLC

  • nick brennan

    I want war of ze roses

  • Dublicator

    Indie Gala X

  • Zézé

    Definately War of the Roses.

  • Stephanie


  • Zerin

    I would love Faster Than Light

  • Roger

    War of the Roses, FTL or Krater!

  • d


  • Colev

    Trine 2 or War of the Roses

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/Swordyful Tommy Scheumann

    I’d really really enjoy playing Krater. Just my type of game.

  • Silen

    Trine 2

  • stephen

    I would like the indie gala x. I cant get it any other way and it looked very good.

  • http://timoneda.es Timoneda

    Now you have added it, my favourite is Krater ;D

  • Kelvyn

    I want FTL: Faster Than Light. Such an awesome game.

  • blues

    awesome, thanks

  • http://- Alejo

    Epic giveaway, thanks!

  • Telmo

    I want Trine 2!


  • http://twitter.com/pangalaktichki Bokac

    Awesome giveaway, but I never have any luck in these

  • UF111

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • UF111

    I really want Krater!

  • Robert

    I’d love Geneforge Saga most. Although FTL’s would be awesome, too!

  • Paulinho

    Thank you! (I hope I’m not blocked anymore…. =D)

  • Andrew

    Indie Gala X~

  • Paulinho

    ooops… forgot the game: Unmechanical… :p

    (this should have an ‘Edit” button…)

  • Sam

    War of the Roses looks amazing! Good luck to everyone

  • Kruben

    FTL, gimme!

  • ropes

    Want so many of them because they are all so good, but interested in FTL, ARES, and Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC in that order if we had to pick.

    They are all so good hard to decide on something that has yet to exist for me.


  • http://khalid.ishtar-gate.org Khalid

    I want FTL.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Bence

    Indie Gala X or Trine 2 :)

  • sch4fchen

    I would like to win the Trine 2 DLC
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!!

  • Masterbot

    Krater :3

  • Alberto

    I want KRATER!! thank youuuuuuu

  • Eri

    Quite an impressive collection of games that you’re giving away.

  • Sisko

    I would love the Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC!

  • Seamoss

    FTL FTW – thanks!

  • http://blog.williamhilsum.com William

    FTL! Awesome!

  • http://fydo.net fydo

    FTL would be awesome! :D

  • Karel

    Sweet giveaway – FTL looks sweet.

  • Thiago

    I need them…

  • Can

    Krater FTW!

  • Manux

    AWSOME!!! Thanks a lot for the opportunity, you guys are great. As for the games i would like, War of the Roses, Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC, FTL (i really want this one), Indie Gala X, thanks again…

  • Ricardo-Stryki

    I want ARES

  • No Hi

    I want FTL

  • SB


  • RDJ

    I’d love FTL

  • a1pha0m3g4

    Mount and Blade was awesome so War of Roses here

  • Tommy


  • rossoshex

    I’d really like to get Trine 2 Goblin Menace DLC :D

  • Agustin

    I Want Trine 2

  • Reactive

    Want that FTL! :D

  • Nilson A. P. Neto

    I want Trine 2 :D

  • AA

    FTL please! or Krater, that looks fun too

  • Paul

    Trine 2

  • http://mangotangofox.deviantart.com/ MangoTangoFox

    Unmechanical! Its so adorable! ^-^

  • Ban

    I like war of the roses

  • Psycho77


  • PureSushi

    i want war of the roses the most

  • Hoang Thong Vo


  • Anonymous

    I want every game !! But the most i would like to play trine

  • Paganfire

    Would like War of the Roses :D If I somehow manage to win this :/

  • Marco

    I’ll love to have Indie Gala X or War of the Roses!!

  • http://linlin.biz LinHongJun

    Thanks and reposted in my blog. http://linlin.biz/archives/3293

  • Liu Yuhan

    Thank you,i want war of the roses the most

  • kakaso

    i want FTL!!!

  • UFO

    I want War of the Roses!!!!

  • chenke

    I would like trine2 the most!

  • Kamil Kamel54


  • bubblemaker

    lucky me!

  • bubblemaker

    Civilization V will be great!

  • StarVision

    Own FTL, so Geneforge Saga. looks beast

  • yoz

    My favourite from the list is Unmechanical.

  • jonathan

    I want Indie Gala X.

  • Max

    Unmechanical! Thanks for the chance :)

  • Chris

    I want War of the Roses or FTL

  • Shuyin

    I’d really like to win FTL

  • Anonymous

    War of the Roses

  • tony

    Trine 2 is the best!!

  • Harest

    Nice giveaway! Would like FTLLLL *already on the next galaxy*

  • kokusu

    War of the Roses

  • Yo


  • Yo

    I can win!

  • DFS Optimum

    Loved Trine 2, would love the DLC! or War of the Roses

  • Tony Jackson

    Trine 2

  • xanonx

    Great Giveaway!
    If I win something, i would prefer Krater, but i also like “Conquest of Elisium 3″ or “Unity of Command”.

  • Joel Johnson

    Trine 2!

  • anaptyxis


  • YogSo

    War of the Roses! :-)

  • TG

    Indie Gala X

  • DreamDrop

    Really want Colorpus please!

  • Doktor Schliemann

    I would like Shank and/or Shank 2.

  • Jun

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love FTL or Unity of Command but really any game would be amazing. Keep releasing awesome games!

  • bob

    want 3

  • jiol9k

    KRATER :3

  • Traeyu

    Trine 2!!

  • crispy52

    They all sound so wonderful!

  • shadowwolf7j


  • Eric

    Definitely Unmechanical.

  • Kev

    Krater ;)

  • michael gault

    i keep entering the facebook share but my entries havent went up as far as i can see???

  • worm

    War of the Roses

  • rann


  • http://youtube.com/skarseld Skarseld

    War of the Roses or FTL, i like them both. But I would be grateful for any game. :D

  • http://jtthellama.blogspot.co.uk JTtheLlama

    I want Unmechanical the most.

  • Thidran

    Hmm…I’d have to pick indie gala x, since I’m a game collector.

  • ShidaPenns

    Most definitely FTL. :)

  • Chris Vanakas

    War of the Roses,please.

  • Borz

    Trine 2 plz

  • wolfkin

    they all looks so good it’s hard to pick one i would want more.. maybe FTL. I hear such good things about FTL

  • Hassan Al Mohsin

    I think gala x is the best :)

  • Theondrus

    I think Indie Gala X but FTL too is interesting…

  • Kelsey

    I think I’d want Hamilton’s Great Adventure the most.



  • registered user

    good offer! most amazing and adventure game is needed !thanks