Break Blocks Giveaway x 2000

by on October 24, 2012

UPDATE: And it’s over. No more.



This giveaway is a part of our epic BIG ASS AUTUMN GIVEAWAY so check it out if you didn’t yet!

Please enter the url to a YouTube video.

If you want one of the Break Blocks keys for Desura,

click on THIS LINK and make sure to comment next to the key you took that it’s redeemed.


This giveaway is brought to you by Greater Good Games and IndieGameBundles.

Enjoy :)

  • freibooter

    Well, this is brilliant. But commenting inside the doc doesn’t seem to work, the thing is read only. I took the key in row 14. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I redeemed this key: e4d3H-XhvVc-18NI8-PDgby-pqU3v

  • dbolt

    thanks i took one and marked it as used :D

  • TheWretchedCrow

    I got one last giveaway. But thanks anyway! ;}

  • Jon933

    Thanks for the giveaway. I redeemed the key eHbbc-iNHR6-k5ePr-eSbBe-0Y8dC but it doesn’t seem to be listed any more and search finds nothing. Could you please mark it as taken if it is still listed. Cheers.

  • d

    I redeemed e5dvj-zgbmT-8osX1-McXnu-QPiQU. Thank you.

  • BAHCrocker

    I took ejcYm-cp4oh-uCMDo-ssLQ1-tAGmQ, but coundn’t comment on the doc (seemed to be read-only).

    Thanks! I was really wanting this, but had missed it on a previous giveaway…

  • Legnar

    i took cvcoY-RFY4N-i8bSp-2dRTj-aiuVJ
    Thanks :)

  • Alberto

    taken this one



  • Paulinho

    Big Thanks!! ;p

  • Max

    Just made 1850 to 2001 to help tou guys ! ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/phedran Phedran

    Having trouble editing to mark which I took, but thank you!

  • Sare Returner

    but couldn’t mark it as taken.

    Many-many thanks guys!!

  • Thanh

    thanks a lot, i took 1 key.

  • Troa

    No keys left..

  • Momin

    I have used this: cSbH6-4tDgC-HJUFi-Y6imP-aVvkz thanks! (i cant edit the archive)

  • Steven Sanders


  • Sir Kero

    Thanks a ton! I took #556 (eiaDI-ZX0NI-hHvGz-5JQuy-3ivea)

    But next time, maybe…
    Seriously I’m trying to think of a way to put this that doesn’t sound rude or ungrateful. Let’s just say lesson learned, and please come up with another method next time.

    Also let there be a next time! this was an awesome generous thing you guys did, please don’t get discouraged because a bunch of disrespectful idiots (aka the internet) abused and vandalized your giveaway.