E-Learning Bundles

E-Learning Bundles

All E-Learning Bundles, online courses, classes and other forms of online education. The topics include game development, web design, marketing, photography, personal finance, cyber security, web development, programming and more

Learn How To Design Multiplayer Games from Scratch with Unity

Learn How To Design Multiplayer Games with Unity (extra 50% off)

With the Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle, take your gift for multiplayer mayhem and natural curiosity for game design to the next level by learning how to craft your own online hit! Plus, extra 50% off voucher for IGB readers.

Learn to Code for Less Than $50 ($25 with voucher)

In today's competitive job market, all kinds of developers are in wide demand. With The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, you can master everything from app development to web programming, helping you rise above your competition and land a high-paying, secure career. 
Python Network Programming Bundle

Python Network Programming Bundle

This course will teach you essential Python concepts that are extremely relevant in any tech career, not to mention perfect for building amazing network tools, plus 2 more hands-on training courses

Pay What You Want to Master Game Development from Scratch

Interested in creating immersive 3D worlds? How about designing addicting real-time web and mobile games? The Pay What You Want: 2017 Master Game Development Bundle teaches you how to become a multi-platform game development and programming pro with many of the industry-leading game engines, programs, and software.
Learn Web Development for Less Than $60

Learn Web Development for Less Than $60

With OSTraining Developer Bootcamp: Lifetime Subscription, you can learn how to build, launch, and manage a professional looking website without needing to know a single line of code; though, you'll pick that up too! 

Learn DIY Robotics with Arduino for Less Than $30

The 3 included courses, featuring more than 22 hours of learning, introduce you to robotics with mBot — the world's friendliest educational robotics platform.

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