E-Learning Bundles

E-Learning Bundles

All E-Learning Bundles, online courses, classes and other forms of online education. The topics include game development, web design, marketing, photography, personal finance, cyber security, web development, programming and more

Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle

Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle

4 E-Books & 5 Courses about Python and Machine Learning, the intersection of statistics, artificial intelligence, and data to build accurate models, and is one of the most important new frontiers in technology.
The Full Stack Programmer Bundle

The Full Stack Programmer Bundle

JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby are just the tip of the iceberg here. You'll also learn how to use popular, extremely valuable tools like Docker, MongoDB, Angular 2, and many more as you develop a full stack education.
According to the Six Sigma Academy, Black Belt project managers save companies approximately $230,000 per project and can complete four to six projects per year. By completing this course and passing the included Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam, you will carry an elite certification that may qualify you for lucrative project manager positions and enhance your own entrepreneurial ability. Elevate your Six Sigma knowledge w/ 40 hours of content Use audio video lectures, simulated exams, flashcards & tool kits to prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam Earn 45 PDUs for PMI Credential Holders Become Six Sigma Black Belt certified upon completion of the Certification Exam included

Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Certification Training

This course will focus on the sub-methodology, DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) to provide you with both an introduction to Six Sigma and how to implement it in your own business practices
Learn Mobile Game Development By Building 15 Games

E-Learning Bundle: Learn Mobile Game Development By Building 15 Games

Do you have the next big idea for a mobile game, but don’t know your JavaScript from your Ruby—or really any idea of what any of that is? ZENVAAcademy’s mobile game development course will teach everything you need to know to turn idea into reality.

Intro to Unity 3D GameDev Bundle

If you've ever wanted to design video games, this is the place to start. Over this 7-part course collecting 267 lessons, you'll learn how to design, program and publish a video game with the leading mobile game engine, Unity 3D.

Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle

Whether you’re completely new to ethical hacking, or just want to hone your skills with the newest technologies, this series of online courses will get you right up to speed with this exciting and lucrative career path.

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Groupees The RPGVideo Bundle

Groupees The RPGVideo Bundle collects 10 games for $2.25 - build your own PC game bundle out of Warriors of Vilvatikta, Final Quest, Final Quest II, The Land of Dasthir, Drayt Empire, OR, Ball, Another Day, Project Dora, Black/White Renegade or Epy.
DIG Super Bundle 91

DIG Super Bundle 91