Review : It's A Wipe

Review : It’s A Wipe

Brandon Dayton takes a long look at It's A Wipe, an interesting and intensely difficult MMO guild-management simulator with a great sense of humor about itself.
Review : Satellite Reign (Alpha)

Review : Satellite Reign (Alpha)

Brandon Dayton takes another sneak peek at a game that won't be released on Steam until December 11th. This action/strategy game is set in a cyberpunk future offers a very cool aesthetic, and gameplay that is both tense and fun.
Review: The Deer God

Review: The Deer God

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Deer God, a shockingly gorgeous Early Access platformer for Steam and Android. Mate with ladies to save the game. So good.
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Review : 1Quest

Brandon Dayton has another sneak preview, this time it's 1Quest. This roguelike dungeon-crawler will be available tomorrow, but you can preview it here now!
Review: Tales from the Borderlands

Review: Tales from the Borderlands

Review: Tales from the Borderlands is a shining example of how Telltale can take anything and turn it into a gripping adventure. Warning: Includes gore, swearing, backstabbing, awesome robots, dubstep warlords and ninjas.
Survivor Squad Gauntlets

Review : Survivor Squad Gauntlets (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes an in-depth look at a fantastic zombie RTS called Survivor Squad Gauntlets. An engaging, top-down game about murdering the undead.

Review : Never Alone

Brandon Dayton takes a look at this charming, story-based, casual platformer set in the Alaskan wilderness. All about a strong little girl and a clever little fox.

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