Review : Hatred

It's finally here. Hatred is an extremely graphic isometric shooter with destructible environments. Some optimization and clipping issues are apparent, but didn't dampen my murderous fun too much. Is it deserving of the vast amount of media mania that follows it? Check out the review, and find out now! Hatred by Destructive Creations, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Solarix

In Solarix, you are Walter. An amnesiac engineer who wakes up to find the minds of the crew warped by a computer virus. A series of renegade AI will attempt to guide you along, but their messages are often conflicting. Unfortunately, choices here are really nothing but an illusion. Solarix by Pulsetense Games, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Siralim

Siralim is an RPG all about collecting and training mythological creatures. Equip them with items, build your kingdom, and explore new realms to tame bigger and better creatures. Ash Ketchum never experienced anything like this!! Big thanks to Thylacine Studios for the review copy. Review by Brandon Dayton.
Review : Reassembly

Review : Reassembly

Reassembly is a space sandbox which lets you design your own mothership and fleet in order to dominate the galaxy! Heavy customization and seven different races to pick from means tons of replayability. Definitely a game worth checking out from Anisoptera Games and Indie Voyage. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Infested Planet

Infested Planet is an RTS on a massive scale. Use your five marines to beat back thousands of enemies, while upgrading tech and classes along the way! A true homerun from RocketBear Games. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex is a speedrunning platformer with an extremely colorful aesthetic, and a ton of amazingly varied levels. You can even customize your dinosaur with hundreds of options. Another sure-fire winner from TreeFortress Games. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Telepath Tactics

A great turn-based RPG where the environment is key to strategy. Absolute gobs of replayability as well as a ton of interesting lore. If you like strategy with a fantasy twist, this game cannot be missed. Review by Brandon Dayton.

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