Review: The Blue Flamingo

Scrolling shooters date back to the days of arcade cabinets, sticky carpets, and begging parents for one more quarter. They've had a long time...

Review : Shelter 2

Another early sneak peek from Brandon Dayton. To be released on March 9th, Shelter 2 is a wilderness simulator about a mother lynx raising her four cubs. Gameplay is so immersive that losing one of your little kittens is always hard. Keep them fed and hydrated so you can abandon them as young adults.
blackhole review


Brandon Dayton looks at BLACKHOLE. A gravity-based puzzle-platformer that puts the HARD back into HARDCORE, with innovative gravity-based puzzles and fantastic voice-acting.

Review : A.V.

Brandon Dayton looks at A.V. This is sound-based puzzle platformer where you use echolocation to navigate. Presenting an innovative approach, to an age-old genre does this title open up a new world? Or fall on it's face?

Review : Abomination Tower

Brandon Dayton reviews Abomination Tower. A fun skill-based procedurally-generated undead platformer with global high-score board and collectible heads to power your little Abomination to your liking.

Review : Chasm (Prerelease Alpha)

Brandon Dayton takes an early look at the Alpha of CHASM, a fantastic, procedurally-generated RPG platformer developed and published by Discord Games. Will you give in to your nostalgia?

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