Review: The Mims Beginning (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes a look at an alien city-building RTS. While the look might be colorful and childish, you need to use some serious strategy or else your Mims could be ended quite quickly. Pests and predators are a constant threat. How will you go about building your alien metropolis?
mind path to thalamus review

Review: Mind: Path to Thalamus

In Mind, you play a man trapped in his mind. You decide that your goal is to get to the thalamus where you believe you will find your lost daughter or sister. To do this you walk through a number of different levels, solving puzzles to open doors. Along the way, the story is narrated and a umber of heavy handed metaphors are encountered.

Review : Starship Rubicon

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Starship Rubicon. A devilishly difficult space-ship roguelike combining elements of FTL, Luftrausers, and Asteroids.
drunken robot pornography

Review: Drunken Robot Pornography

While the title maybe silly, the gameplay in Drunken Robot Pornography is as serious a challenge as they come.

Review : Terra Tech (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Terra Tech, to be released on Steam in Early January 2015. Addictive gameplay can only be compared to Highlander... But for robots. Defend resources, crush foes, and steal their parts to increase your power-level!

Review : Bit Dungeon II

Brandon Dayton looks at Bit Dungeon II, a game inspired by Zelda, Diablo, and Dark Souls. Nice retro aesthetic, awesome enemy design, and more enemies than you can shake a sword at. But does it stack up to the massive games that inspired it?

Review : I Am Bread (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes a look at I Am Bread, by Bossa Studios, makers of Surgeon Simulator. Making the leap from renowned surgeon to slice of bread is never easy, but this game surely does it with some surprisingly unexpected style, all while injecting Bossa's wacky trademark humor.

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