Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar

Gift Ideas: Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar 40% off

Real Strings & Frets Meet Digital Technology. The MIDI Guitar Controller for the Modern-Day Rockstar
stream jack tv

StreamJack TV SmartDNS: Lifetime Subscription

Stream Jack TV is essentially a SmartDNS service that will allow you to set an IP address from their database of servers that are located around the world. Get Hulu, Netflix, and more from wherever you are located!

VPN Unlimited Premium Plan: 3 Years Of Hacker Protection & More – 70% off

Surf the web worry-free – unblock restricted web content, protect your WiFi connection on public networks, secure your online activity, and bypass some ISP restrictions, possibly even increasing your regular Internet speed.
Unlimited Data Backup

IDrive Unlimited Data Backup: Lifetime Subscription

A Lifetime Of Unlimited Mobile Backup From IDrive is here to help you make sure that your digital life is safe, backed up and secured. 79% OFF at IGB Deals!
Kdan Creative App Series

Kdan Creative App Series – 5-Yr Subscription 70% OFF

Get access to premium tools in the Kdan Creative App Series: PDF Pocket Scanner, NoteLedge, Animation Desk & PDF Markup for 70% off the original price and access 1TB of Kdan Cloud storage.
spring mac premium program

IGB Deals : Pick A Pack of Premium Programs (Mac Edition)

You can get premium programs for an extremely low price with a special offer from IGB Deals. Whether you are designing digital documents, sharing files with friends or coworkers, or simply tidying up your system files, you can pick exactly what you need. Even photo/video professionals will be delighted with the offerings.

Skyhub 2TB Cloud Storage Lifetime Subscription

Cloud storage is a wonderful commodity. You literally can never have enough online storage in your life! As a work from home writer/editor, much of my online storage is dedicated to high-definition video files, photographs, sound effects, and frivolous things like games for my phone. Obviously the cloud storage offered is always finite, but you can add 2TB of cloud storage to your arsenal with a lifetime subscription to Skyhub!

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