Four new games added to Humble Trove

Four new games have been added to the Humble Trove – Limbo, Gone Home, Shadowrun Returns, and Teslagrad! These games are available for all current and new Humble Monthly subscribers right now!

Grab Limbo on Steam for FREE

Note that all games in Humble Trove are DRM-free games, but if you download them, you can keep playing them even if you’re no longer a Humble Monthly Subscriber.

Besides the 4 new titles added today, Humble Trove already has a huge library of great games: Dustforce DX, Shelter, Volgarr The Viking, Trine Enchanted Edition and more.

Humble Trove is one of the perks for Humble Monthly subscribers. Humble Monthly is a curated bundle of games sent to your inbox each month. For just $12, you’ll get over $100 worth of games. Humble Monthly subscribers enjoy 10% off the Humble Store and have access to the Humble Trove – a catalog of Humble Originals and other DRM-free games.

GMG Summer Sale deals

If you subscribe to Humble Monthly before October 6th, you’ll get Rise of the Tomb Raider (Steam key) as an early unlock!