Free Game: Commander: Conquest of the Americas

Commander: Conquest of Americas is free as a part of the new promo by DLH!

“Combining elements from both trading and strategy games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas will appeal to a wide range of players. Players take charge of one of the many European powers aiming to conquer the New World.”


  • Go to DLH
  • Login or create a new account
  • Wait a bit if you don’t get your key right away, they are added in batches of 1500 per hour!

The site is a bit slow, so prepare to wait!

  • Valhalla Coding

    Got it pretty fast actually… they may have improved their website… Signing via Facebook account might speed up some of the process.

  • iGnome

    This is not the right version of Commander…, it’s the “Gold” version, which has no steam achievement and no longer listed in steam store.
    It was also bundled a long time ago by BundleStars along with Pirates of Black Cove Gold and East India Company Gold, all gold shitstuff.