Free Game: Make it Indie!

Make it Indie!



This is an indie game about making of indie game! Simple as that!

If you’re up to thing like this, then you’re up for a seven day ride (fictional) an an indie game developer!
What you’ll do is up to you, but here are the main features:





Key features: 

– “Video”-game with more than 30 minutes of HD videos
– Simple intuitive gameplay or lack thereof (really)
– Two predictable endings with surprise
– Truly diverse music in OST (grunge, 8-bit, idm & experimental)
– Cheap price (it’s 1-2$ game)


You can get the game here

  • asd

    “you’ll get DESURA key when we gave enough votes”

  • Mark Krijgsman

    the game is fun once, after that i did not care for it anymore 🙂

  • Guest

    New free game on indigala! Go there!