Free Game: Mount & Blade (GOG) – 48 hours only! + Witcher 2 for FREE


Get the DRM-free version of Mount And Blade over at GOG for the next 48 hours – a part of their BIG FALL SALE!


Mount & Blade is a medieval action role-playing game for Windows with the score of 72 on Metacritic and by now has a cult following!


  1. Go to Good Old Games
  2. Click on the banner for the Mount and Blade Giveaway (it says Free game: A special gift for everyone above it)
  3. Register (if not already)
  4. Wait to get your mail

This promo is part of GOG’s BIG FALL SALE.

You can also get Witcher 2 and Gamers: Director’s Cut for free by visiting GOG 7 days in a row and getting a “stamp” each day!

  • Allpha

    You guys are fast indeed!

  • bo

    That’s what she said.

  • Fran Hayes

    How do you get a “stamp”, and what is that? Thank you

  • Krad ♛

    if you scroll down a bit there is witcher 2 director’s cut and 7 little boxes that the first one lets you click it and check it and you can do that again after a certain time

  • Fran Hayes

    I found it, thank you Krad!

  • Sagui Manero

    DRM Free 🙁

  • Just visit the site every day while logged in to GOG! 🙂