Free Game: O3DX (Steam Greenlight)

The ride of your life!

From the dusty chasms of the underground 4×4 world, comes an adventure unlike anything you have experienced before.
Prepare yourself for fast tracks, furious physics and a rush of adrenaline as you tackle daring obstacles and puzzles.
Full-Controller support included. This game is fun to play from the couch on SteamOS using your favourite controller.


To get this game you’ll have to:

 – Vote for it on the Greenlight page,

– And join the group


That’s it! Now don’t go waiting about,

get the game before the offer expires!




  • Cannot join in the group. It says I need an invitation.. And I greenlighted it.

  • Milli

    I have the same problem.

  • Neal Savage

    Group says membership by invite only…?

  • Sergey Ryzhkov

    Downvoted, thumbs down for such a trick!

  • huddeldaddel

    Can’t join the group – no Code for me 🙁

  • UnLucky

    They really need to ban “vote and get the game free!”

  • NubCake

    Changed my vote to “No Thanks” after i saw you can’t join the group.

  • pffft

    just another scam…. they get you to vote for it, and then you will find out the group is locked.