FREE Minion Masters DLC Steam key


Grab a FREE Minion Masters DLC Steam key – Winter Holiday Arena in a promo by Beta Dwarf

Get a FREE Minion Masters Steam key


“It’s pretty fun. Ultimately it’s a pretty damn good version of the Clash Royale model.”

“Pick Up and Play PvP at its finest”

“If you’re familiar with things like Nexus Wars and Castle Attack, or just Clash Royale, you’re immediately gonna be able to pick this game up very very quickly. Obviously there is quite a lot of learning involved with the different troop types and cards available. But it’s really slick. It’s plays really really well. It’s a good version of that game type, for PC.”

You’ll need a base game of Minion Masters to activate this DLC Steam key. The base game is often in free game giveaways so take the DLC key now it and use it when you get the main game if you don’t have it already.

To grab your free Steam DLC key, go here and enter your mail.

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