Gamesrocket discounts

Gamesrocket has some nice discounts going on

These are the ones we think you should keep an eye out:


Metro Franchise Pack – $7.95 (73% OFF)



Resident Evil HD Remaster– $15.95 (28% OFF)



Elven Legacy – $1.95 (68% OFF)



Space Rangers HD: A War Apart – $10.95 (61% OFF)



Prototype 2 – $16.95 (54% OFF)




Castlevania:Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition – $16.95

(40% OFF)




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and for the Gamesrocket store here

  • Soldier Zero B

    In the description on the previous page, it says, “Gamesrocket offers big saves” instead of big savings. And “well know titles” should be “well known titles”. I’m only pointing it out to let you guys know in case you care about your typos.

  • Thanks B. Pajamas was obviously drunk when he wrote this one 🙂