Get a FREE Minion Masters Steam key

Get a FREE Minion Masters Steam key this weekend in a promo by Beta Dwarf and Indie Gala.

Get a FREE Minion Masters Steam key

Fast-paced head-to-head Duels

Enter a world of Minion battles! Summon your Minions and watch them charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it entirely up to you to decide their course by where you place them.
Minions can claim the bridges and destroy the rival Master.
Claiming bridges earns you xp and allows you to level up, earning unique perks based on your chosen Master.
You can also use mighty spells to tip the tide of the battle, for example with a well aimed healing fireball (it’s a thing) in the midst of your wounded troops.


Minion Masters WILL go free to play eventually but for now it costs $20.

Get the game for free over at Indie Gala and start playing now! Enjoy!

BetaDwarf and Indie Gala are giving you a permanent FREE ACCESS Steam key right now, which includes the ability to participate in the upcoming and rewarding Early Access events.

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  • Matha.Fatha.Gen_Tha.Men

    Take note ! before redeeming the key you must login to Bundle Stars 1st

  • And few other steps like joining the Steam group. Pretty standard stuff, nothing too much.

  • Alex Stancioiu

    Thanks for the code love ya

  • Jmthebigman

    NOTE: Game is free, they left out info in the article. the game is right now buy in with getting the premium DLC (DLC is 20 euro)
    or get a key from giveaways or the publisher from a sign up.

  • Ch(A)osproduction Limited

    Giveaway is over

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    any1 got a spare code :[ i got here late.