Giveaway: Bundle in a Box Cerebral Bundle x 8

by on March 21, 2013

Our friends over at Bundle in a Box made another beauty – try your luck here to win a copy (or just go to Bundle in a Box and help the developers, and charity by spending a few coins).

Good luck!
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  • http://pecet.jogger.pl pecet

    I completed Postal 2 at least 5 times. Very good and generally underrated game which is unfortunately brutal as hell.

  • blues

    What’s the one game you completed at least 5 times, if there is such a game? Turtles in Time

  • Forro

    Golden Sun

  • harold

    super mario bros 1

  • Nate Dogg

    I’ve beaten Quake II 3 times. I dunno if there’s one I’ve beaten five times. Pokemon RBY might be close to that though too.

  • dbolt

    Super Mario RPG

  • Jorpho

    Wario Land.

  • Tom D

    I’ve completed Call of Duty 2 (The only good one, minus 4 and 1) at least 7 times. It actually had a decent story…

  • Pickled

    Beyond Good & Evil.

  • Tom

    Blood Omen legacy of Kain.The first one.

  • juan


  • James

    I’m lucky to finish any game once. I don’t think there’s any I’ve played completely through 5+ times.

  • triock

    There is not such a game.

  • Ricardo

    Resident Evil 4

  • HellhoundWP

    Half Life 2

  • Martin W.

    Final Fantasy IX, Desperados

  • Alex Larsen

    Shadow of the Colossus :D
    Think I’m at 20th time ;P

  • Zach

    I’ve finished Chrono Trigger at least five times across all the platforms it’s been released on.

  • http://gazettenaush.tumblr.com Naushi

    Half-Life 2, ’cause Gordon FTW

  • Adam D.


  • Rado


  • Jer

    resident evil 3

  • Joe

    The most completed game for me is Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo probably. Not sure about 5 times, however.

  • Sir Kero

    Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

  • Anthony

    I beat Link’s Awakening at least 8 times. Absolutely love that game. My favorite Zelda title.