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by on January 26, 2013

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  • Tom

    Oh god, the worst game I’ve played has to be Bad Rats…

  • michael gault

    worst game, Revelations 2012.

  • Emre

    Bad Rats

  • jab


  • David Zlámal

    Worst game – Bad Rats

  • lanux128

    Bad rats definitely.

  • Gary Samson

    A Klik n Play Breakout game where the ball almost always ended up bouncing straight horizontally forcing the player to quit.

  • Sean

    Hands down bad rats

  • Ellohir

    Superman 64 xD

  • marianekgram

    Secret of the Magic Crystal ohh :D

  • Ricardo

    Superman 64

  • mjy

    worst game: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

  • http://www.timoneda.es C. Timoneda

    Probably Operation Matriarchy,

  • mxtomek

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, has really disappointed Me

  • triock


  • NS

    Fairie Solitaire

  • cqyzs

    worst game LOL

  • rinzlerflynn

    i played a game called fantastic once

  • ICEball

    teraria or minecraft…

  • @freakologic

    definitely zero gear. Mario Kart clone? No.

  • David E

    The War Z. That crap was awful, and I feel ridiculously bad for the buddy that bought it.

  • Juan

    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

  • blues

    Fray, that shit is unplayable

  • Dyolf

    I ll go with Superman 64 also

  • Evilcheez86

    Call of Duty: World at War

  • James

    I’m not sure about worst game, but I had a lot of trouble with Twin Sector when I played it. The controls were a bit too hard for me to get used to, so I ended up messing things up a lot and it quickly got very frustrating. I was a bit disappointed, because the game sounded interesting.

  • David

    Superman 64

  • Josep

    Need For Speed Underground (GBA).

  • Martin W.

    Tony Tough 2 was horrible

  • Christian

    Gilbert Goodmate. Mostly because of the really awful german synchronisation.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/airodinamic/ Stefan Vasilev

    Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks

  • D Cormier

    ET on Atari.

  • Maty


  • VMetalBR

    good question indeed… I have no idea, maybe ET on atari, it was evil.

  • Kelsey

    Honestly I haven’t played too many awful games (that I remember at least. They might be blocked from memory) but I guess recently I tried Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery Ep and that kinda sucked.

  • InvaderRJ

    Worst Game? Revelations 2012 hands down!

  • Viviane V.

    The worst was Bad Rats, no doubt about it.:)

  • Alex

    Big Rig

  • Andrea

    Bad Rats

  • Robert

    Dangerous Waters

  • Angel.9 Rakou Cobra

    I think the worst I’ve played is… probably Action 52. Thank the gaming gods I only emulated that. lol Thanks for the chance!

  • Martin

    Bad Rats XD ! I still have nightmares O_O…

  • Luca J.


  • JCDenton

    Bad Rats. <_<

  • Rado

    Hostile Waters

  • Gallupo

    Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops

  • Emmanuel

    worst game: Flatout ultimate carnage

  • http://www.bundlehq.com/members/eiron-page/ Eiron Page

    The worst game experience I ever had was with a promotional copy of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It was buggy as all hell and had occasional problems where the characters would ‘stick’ to the scenery, forcing you to reload a previous save game and hoping not to have it happen again.

  • soturnoo

    Worst game – Terraria

  • Krvavi

    Foosball 2012

  • http://www.theindieshelter.com Francesco

    I’m sorry to say that, but Silas was really bad :/

  • Sudip Kumar Das

    Bad Rats.

  • StriderLS7

    ET on the atari 2600 – still not sure how you play that game.

  • Roberto Bravo

    The worst game i’ve played is Avadon: The Dark Fortress maybe

  • Shaross

    Worst Game ? Dungeon Siege III :s

  • Crendgrim

    Also Dungeon Siege III for me. I tested the beta, and it just felt so overly complicated and non-welcoming.

  • a2best

    Arma II + OA