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by on October 18, 2013

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Each winner will get:

  • Clutch
  • NecroVisioN
  • NecroVisioN: Lost Company
  • Zombie Bowl-o-Rama
  • The Void
  • 99 Levels to Hell

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  • Ivanhoe D Souza Bordon

    No words can express that finale D:

  • Arslan Rc

    Finale = perfection.

  • alfo456


  • Armando Gonzalez Fernandez

    havent seen yet

  • Terry Breeden

    So what did you think of Breaking Bad finale? Not sure yet, haven’t watched it.

  • Jens Desloovere

    Hehe, as most of the people here, I don’t watch the series. Is it worth watching or not?

  • Robi Mazzoleni

    I’ve not watched Breaking Bad. :-P

  • Kyle Blackburn

    it was a perfect finish to a perfect show

  • Emrah Ekinci

    Haven’t watched yet !

  • Grafos

    Still on Season 1

  • Efe

    It was OK.

  • letsmaybeLP92


  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    I’ve never seen that show. Honestly!

  • Drew B.

    Don’t spoil it for me.

  • Daniel Howells

    It was what it was. I enjoyed it. :)

  • Cidster

    I’ve never watched Breaking Bad, but from what I’ve read, nobody should post any spoilers here, because of it’s awsomeness!

  • triock

    Haven’t seen yet

  • Charon Ferryman

    I don’t watch Breaking bad.

  • Guillaume Georges

    I didn’t see it yet :)

  • Alexunder

    never watched )

  • John

    I am not a fun of the series

  • Markousis Good

    Just awesome!

  • Andrew


  • scottaa


  • Gustavo Freitas

    Didn’t watch it yet.

  • Justin Pound

    Not a big fan of the series, quit watching it about four or five episodes in. :p

  • Sergiu Lauriuc

    Haven’t seen it yet .

  • Rock

    ar? I don;t know…

  • http://www.jack-reviews.com/ Frank-Peter Rupprecht

    I don’t watch Breaking Bad :D

  • makegoldbetter42

    You can watch all but the latest 8 episodes on Netflix. I think its the best show thats been on television in years.

  • Tranderas

    I’ve never seen Breaking Bad. I don’t really watch TV except for sports and The Colbert Report

  • Kiefer Hughston

    I didn’t watch it.

  • MickJay

    breaking bad ending with Ted, Marshal, Lilly, Barney and Robin meeting MOM

  • BAHCrocker

    Sorry, I don’t watch Breaking Bad. Maybe when it’s all available streaming I will binge it all at once…

  • chillwo

    there was no other way to end it.

  • joulesFect

    It was just perfect. With everything that had happened in season 4 and 5, the last few episodes of the series took us (viewers) right were we needed to be and set the course for what probably is my favorite series finale ever

  • Ondrej V.

    I’ve never seen that

  • Dune Atreides

    I didn’t watch it.

  • Andrew

    I’ve never watched the show.

  • gilby

    Haven’t seen it.

  • Kwyjor

    I might watch it some day. Alas, I think I’ve already seen a spoiler. :(

  • Angel Gutierrez

    Haven’t seen it.

  • Greyscar

    Didn’t even watch. Not following the series.

  • Khang Nguyen Tran

    Don’t know.

  • roelibex

    havent seen it, i kinda quit after season 1

  • Davide

    It was pretty good.

  • Andor Juhász

    I’ve never watched is actually.

  • Alejandro Varas

    I’ve not watched Breaking Bad

  • Rebecca Headrick

    It was an awesome way to end the story :)

  • ullll

    havent watched

  • Salman

    Can’t express that finale in wordings.

  • Ricardo Pereira

    A Bad Breaking :)

  • Martin W.

    It wasn’t perfect for me but it ended as it had to be and it didn’t leave much questions. I liked also the small things here and there and the details.

  • David

    it was a good ending

  • Leeland Johnson

    Haven’t seen it yet but I really want to.

  • Viv

    I’ve never watched it, just started watching the series,

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    I haven’t watched yet :

  • Julien

    Amazing ! Really nice ending

  • Bruno Mourão

    Didn’t see so far…sorry

  • Andreia Lopes

    Don’t really know about it so no I don’t know about the finale

  • hellhoundwp

    Can’t say I only watch the first season.

  • OperationDickDrop

    Loved it, very happy in it’s own way.

  • Grant Hohenstein

    I don’t watch that show

  • Anita

    Everyone keeps telling me to watch it, but I haven’t had time yet! I hear it’s absolutely amazing though!

  • MHKiyoshi

    I don’t watch it

  • dyziom

    I don’t watch it

  • Andry Endang

    I haven’t watch Breaking Bad

  • tzaar0723

    I thought it was a pretty epic way to end the series.

  • Jayarih

    Cant say I saw the series heard it was good though

  • Scott

    it wasn’t that great definitely better than dexter’s finale though

  • http://www.tattebayo.com/ Tate

    Quite convincing

  • John Briggs

    Ah why ask that?! I have only watched 1 episode of Breaking Bad, I’ve been too caught up in Hannibal, Doctor Who and South Park. From what I hear it was excellent.

  • Excel

    Was alright, didn’t like the last couple of minutes though.

  • Michael Keusch

    didn´t see the final

  • Michael Keusch

    Haven´t seen the final

  • Nigel Martin

    I don’t watch t.v.

  • Zoltán Tamás

    Never watched it. ^^;

  • fufacz

    Finale was awesome

  • LostEzekiel

    Haven’t watched.

  • Apek

    Crying Moment

  • Richard Dight

    I’m only on the second series at the moment but I heard it was amazing :D

  • José Luís Alves

    I don’t see Breaking Bad :X

  • Joe Monhannah

    I don’t watch Breaking Bad.

  • Vanary Neth

    Never watched Breaking Bad.

  • Tamaneko

    Didn’t watch

  • Christakis Kelfecil Konstantin

    Wooooooo! I won! ^^