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by on February 3, 2013

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  • http://twitter.com/ilRadd ilRadd

    X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X vs T – pretty much all of the Star Wars Space Combat Sims

  • James

    Is the Myst series considered dead or concluded? I really enjoyed those games. If the primary story line is over, a new story line in the same kinds of worlds would be cool.

  • Forro

    Jet Force Gemini

  • John

    I’d really like to see a new Jak & Daxter game

  • Aaron

    Half Life 3, FFS!

  • TigerDRena

    and what about blood omen? loved em, would like to see some kind of new version or new part of it.

  • Rodrigo


  • dbolt


  • Sascha diabLo

    Dungeon Keeper

  • Martin

    Half Life… after so much wait and no news or even hints about hints about news… it’s probably dead -_-. I want to play Episode 3 so much ;(…

  • Rondleman

    I’d like a new Theme Hospital or Dungeon Keeper

  • JCDenton

    Megaman Legends!!

  • triock

    Gabriel Knight

  • Elwinbu

    Dungeon Keeper coming back would be cool :)

  • Jhon J Lagos

    (Bungie’s) Myth series

  • Martin W.

    Dungeon Keeper would be nice.

  • Juan

    Dungeon Keeper

  • Hannes

    May seem odd to some of you, but I’d like Black & White continued.

  • Josep

    Oddworld series. 2D plataform ones, with Abe.