Giveaway: Storm United

Update: Winners will receive their Steam keys in the next couple of days. Please be patient due to a high amount of winners that need to be contacted. 🙂

Storm United is an indie developed class-based multiplayer First Person Shooter designed for sensations and fun. With UDH, a custom in-game user interface, you have the opportunity to take control of indie dev team and make the FPS you have always wanted via the early access.

299 Steam keys for Storm United await.

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Storm United is a class-based multiplayer First Person Shooter that aims to bring top tier fps fun and smooth sensations with the help of our unique procedural physically simulated weapon and camera movements tech.

Storm United is a class-based multiplayer First Person Shooter made by indie team PixelBeam. Every single aspect of the game is directed towards two major goals: Fun and Sensations. Expect fluid controls and smooth camera behaviors while sliding between blasts and color rich special effects. Dancing towards your enemy and killing them with style and satisfaction is what makes Storm United unique.

In addition to the core custom FPS tech, developers are very keen to work with the players to improve the game and add innovative features. They have designed a cool in-game user interface we call the “United Developer HUB” aka “UDH” that empowers every player to easily participate directly to the development of the game. May it be simply by voting on “to-do tasks” or by submitting tasks other players can vote for, they are happy to make a fun game with the community.

The final release of game will be Free To Play. The early access supporters will get an exclusive weapon and a premium character skin as well as 15USD worth of in-game credits and 1 random epic loot box.

A very special thanks go to the developers over at PixelBeam for making this giveaway possible.

  • Reynald Nixon


  • pol85

    Battlefield 3

  • thiorymos

    CSGO of course!

  • Marc


  • Andreas

    Natural Selection 2

  • gfw2012

    dino dday,lol

  • Glitchs2d

    Team Fortress 2

  • quiabo

    planetside 2

  • 322 IS REAL

    csgo 😀

  • Vaibhav

    CS GO

  • Elfangorax


  • Claudio Venegas


  • Pjur Pleja

    Counter Strike

  • Internet Random

    Killing Floor

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  • John Evdokimov

    Battlefield Heroes

  • abang

    Team Fortress 2

  • Thanks for the chance! And Halo 2

  • Simone Di Conza


  • Greyscar

    Killing Floor

  • Dani Jo

    Payday 2

  • Pastoor Kit

    Soldier Of Fortune 2


  • Young Gatt 209

    Battlefield series

  • Aunder

    CS: GO

  • Dune Atreides

    Counter Strike GO

  • Ron

    Counter Strike

  • Teo Wu


  • Viktor Wolf

    Battlefield 3

  • David

    Halo 3

  • Leon Durham

    Team Fortress 2

  • Drew

    Ah yes… keep posting your answers down here. Good… good…

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  • Mate

    It said to.

    Yes. You write your answer in the space provided.
    But by having written your answer on the comments you can see what others consider their favourites.

  • Dogtoy

    Payday for co-op.
    CrossFire for team vs.

  • Pieter Djensen

    ARMA 2

  • DocOblivion

    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect!

  • Faisal Ahmed

    Payday 2

  • Дмитрий Стимохин

    Team Fortress 2

  • Mali Mirko


  • Acepaker

    Cod black ops,2

  • Phil

    Dino D-Day is my fav.

  • Adylski

    Battlefield 2

  • Drew B.


  • Trevor


  • Tiago Cunha

    Cs 1.6

  • Zola Hala

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thanks guys, you are the best 🙂

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    Still waiting for my key, guys.