GMG Free Steam Games for New Members

GreenManGaming decided to spoil us and give us this bundle for free:

  • Gun Monkeys (Steam)
  • Sanctum (Steam)
  • Canyon Capers (Steam)
  • Eve Core Starter Pack
  • 23% off voucher


 It is valid for all NEW MEMBERS on Green Man Gaming.

NOTE: You will receive your free games within 72 hours after registration.


  • Farah Samir

    And old member ?

  • bahlzack

    are you supposed to be notified of these games going to be added?

  • Freddy Pasterino

    Doesn’t work. Just freshly registered, nothing.

  • Modemhead

    and what do we ,older members, get??

  • Jacob Hunt

    So we should get the games within 72 hours?

  • Luís Miguel Mota

    –‘ we get a big nothing… because. Really? Why?

  • nemius

    Re-read that bud. You will get it within -72- hours. If you -just- signed up, that doesn’t flash you forward and make it show up instantly.

  • nemius

    To be fair, if I remember right, most of these items have been given away free at some point, if not all.

  • Yes, you will receive a mail in your inbox with instructions on how to activate them!

  • It’s a standard practice with big companies to reward new members in order to, well, get new members. So, if you already have an account, make a new one just for these games 🙂

  • Yes, probably sooner.

  • No country for old members 🙂 Just make a new account!

  • Gun Monkeys was free with Bundle Stars a few weeks ago, Sanctum was also free at one point, don’t know about the other two

  • nemius

    Indiegala is still giving away Canyon Capers. And I am not sure about the Starter Core. But Eve online has given away time for new members several times in the past.

  • Modemhead

    mean bastards hahaha

  • Sorry Modemhead, couldn’t resist 🙂

  • JDDD

    Just join.
    Thank you!

  • ali

    so basically you just have to register and 3 days later u get the game? no links to follow or anything?

  • You should get a mail with the “Welcome pack” games. Check your spam folder if you don’t get it after 3 days

  • nemius

    Just got my code. It did take the full 3 days for me.