Grab a FREE King's Guard TD Steam key

Grab a FREE King’s Guard TD Steam key

Your Highness, our kingdom is at risk. We’re facing great danger! Not only villagers, but also maidens, warriors, mages, ravens, bats, eagles and dragons are trying to destroy our empire. Guard your throne and stop them now!
The Humble Bundle's: Best of 2016

The Humble Bundle’s: Best of 2016

Pay what you want for Else Heart.Break(), Evoland 2, and Victor Vran, BTA for Rust (Early Access), Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition, and Stronghold Crusader 2 + more
Bundle Stars: Alien Isolation Collection

Bundle Stars: Alien Isolation Collection

Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien™, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance.
Indie Gala Monday Motivation Bundle 14

Indie Gala Monday Motivation Bundle 14

Get 12 smashing Steam games to motivate you through the week, including Isyium, Magma Tsunami, Hoplite, Rest In Peace, Planes, Bullets and Vodka, Razortron 2000 and more with the new Indie Gala Monday Motivation Bundle 14.

Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle

Whether you’re completely new to ethical hacking, or just want to hone your skills with the newest technologies, this series of online courses will get you right up to speed with this exciting and lucrative career path.
Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 54

Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 54

Choose 2 to 8 games out of Ripple, Jump To Die!!, Albatross: Truth Unseen, Spark, Nuvoid, Obscure Realm, Prism Collider, Icarus Starship Command Simulator and Stickmageddon in the new Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 54.

eLearning Bundles

The Deep Learning Python Bundle

In this course, you'll start with the basics of building a linear regression module in Python, and progress into practical machine learning issues that will provide the foundations for an exploration of Deep Learning.

Complete Wio Link Kit & Online Learning Bundle

Build an Internet of Things Application in Just 5 Minutes with Zero Coding or Electronics Experience Needed. Includes Wio Link Deluxe Kit and 3 eLearning courses on Python, Node and Javascript



Editor's Picks

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

Learn to code! This collection of online courses covers everything you need to know about Google Go, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Angular 2, Swift 3, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Git and more.
Black Friday Sale Roundup

Black Friday Sale Roundup

Up to 90% off plus special vouchers - Black Friday Sale Roundup - 1000 games on sale at GamersGate, Daily deals over Amazon, FREE mystery game with every purchase at Green Man Gaming, Black Friday Week Sale at Bundle Stars - and more to come!
Forge of Gods: Infernal War DLC Steam Key Giveaway (8000 keys)

Forge of Gods: Infernal War DLC 8000 Steam Keys Giveaway

We're giving away 8000 Steam keys to Forge of Gods: Infernal War DLC - a premium addon for a Free-To-Play RPG with mostly positive reviews on Steam,

Random Active Game Bundles

Unstoppable Cubic Bundle

Unstoppable Cubic Bundle collects Undead vs Plants, The Return Home, One way to exit, Hover Hazard, Infinitum, Once in Yaissor, War Cube, Word Killer: Revolution and Puzzle Cube.
DIG Super Bundle 84

DIG Super Bundle 84