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Skillometer Online Academy: Lifetime Membership

Access hundreds of courses in IT, business & communication, marketing & sales, photography, video, music, freelancing, & health & fitness. Lifetime access grants you entry to all future courses of Skillometer Online Academy.

Pay What You Want: 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle

A Quarter of Websites Are Powered by WordPress. Here Are 8 Courses to Make You an Expert In It. Pay at least $1 to get Learn How To Build An eCommerce Website Using WordPress From Scratch. BTA for more online courses!

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

Learn to code! This collection of online courses covers everything you need to know about Google Go, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Angular 2, Swift 3, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Git and more.

Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle

Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle - master Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Training in this eLearning course by Academy of Film, Fashion & Design.

Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle

Covering all aspects of the development cycle, Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle will teach you all the tools and techniques needed - HTML5, PHP, NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, Flux, JQuery and Javascript.

Professional Video Game Art School Course

In Professional Video Game Art School Course, you'll learn everything you need to create the next iTunes Store chart-topper: how to animate characters, model 2D and 3D images, and much more.

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Bundle Stars Dominator Bundle

Get ready to dominate your Steam library with the Bundle Stars Dominator Bundle! Grab up to 14 killer games in this PC indie game bundle, with 13 games including Steam Trading Cards and 9 new-to-bundle. Top tier includes Rocket League!