The Free Bundle 3

by on February 27, 2013

The Free Bundle 3freebundle

Handpicked Free Indie Games you may have missed. All awesome, all free!

Check it out here

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  • Huldrelokk

    @Lyndis Cant really beat free, so if it includes steam keys or not is irrelevant. If you are looking to play video games just grab the free games, if you are looking to add to your steam collection it clearly will not be a free bundle. I also believe that people that refuse to buy games that arn’t on steam have convinced themselves that they are bettering themselves in someway by having a large steam library. In the end steam IS DRM and when it goes down or gets hacked, you will have to deal with that and wont be able to play your favorite games. Of course that isn’t the only con to DRM, but it is by far the most pervasive, also adding in the possibility of losing steam all together eventually in the future.

    Going to try out Lyle in the Cube Sector, have been on a platforming binge recently and this looks like an interesting snack.