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12 Days of Free Games: Day 11 – The Talos Principle


Epic Games is giving away FREE copies of The Talos Principle, a first person puzzle day game for one day, starting today and lasting until December 30th 2019 with one more free game coming tomorrow.

With dozens of games given away this year, Epic has announced 12 Days of Free Games,  with more free games to be given away every single day during the whole 2019.

  • Day 1 – Into The Breach
  • Day 2 – TowerFall Ascension
  • Day 3 – SUPERHOT
  • Day 4 – Little Inferno
  • Day 5 – Ape Out
  • Day 6 – Celeste
  • Day 7 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
  • Day 8 – FTL: Faster Than Light
  • Day 9 – Hyper Light Drifter
  • Day 10 – Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun
  • Day 11 – The Talos Principle
  • Day 12 – ???

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The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game in the tradition of philosophical science fiction. Made by Croteam and written by Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) and Jonas Kyratzes (The Sea Will Claim Everything)

The Talos Principle (Steam version) has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews


Just head over to Epic Games Store or navigate to the game in their launcher before December 30th 2019 5 PM CET, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

Make sure to check in tomorrow for the final Epic Games Store freebie.

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  1. well warhammer was a no go 🙁

    but on a more positive side of things boys and girls get

    Tower of Time FREE on gog 48hrs only!

    the year has not ended yet! 🙂

  2. Warhammer is doing a giveaway but looks like you have to be a customer and buy any item at the store I tried signed up confusing as it was the terms say they will send code but it won’t without purchase I think bummer

  3. Hello Neighbour’s meant to be garbage, but it’s free, I guess.
    @alex It‘s just the same guy posting replies to himself.

  4. oh wait minus two repeats 69

    minus 5 i missed

    i need to make a list , theres more games on my epic account then steam then the games i still have
    on dvd even cdrom, not including cosoles like nintendo

  5. looks like hello neighbors logo

    thats the last day but the 31st is the last day i think we should tell epic lol

    so in total there was only 2 repeat giveaways celeste and hyper light drifter , every game other than
    those two was a new free game everytime amazing to think we got all this for free over the course
    of a year

    i know i missed the first 5 games, so that means 59 games including the 2 trilogys and plus some dlc’s

    59 plus 12 = 71 games ! FOR FREE!

    then there was other giveaways other then epic, on steam and origin and all without spending a penny



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