Bundle Kings : Lunar New Year Bundle

Bundle Kings : Lunar New Year Bundle

Bundle Kings returns with a New Year Bundle whether you are on the Chinese calendar or not, you can still take advantage of the great deals available from Bundle Kings. 12 games for a price far lower than should be allowed. Despite the low price point, none of them are made in China. Start your new year off the right with with the New Year Bundle from Bundle Kings!

  • Streamline

Streamline combines traditional platforming with a fresh take on physics based survival. Your goal is simple; stay alive for as long as possible in a world literally falling apart.

  • Pixel Star

Endless arcade action takes a modern twist, creating a uniquely challenging open space shoot-em-up experience. From brutal bosses to black holes and beyond, countless hazards await discovery. How long can you survive?

  • Meridian: Age of Invention

Experience the wonder of discovery as you rebuild a crumbling kingdom!

  • Stigmat

Little game about a small but brave and courageous creature who lost the most precious thing in life – his only eye.

  • Data Hacker: Reboot

Time, Space and Parallel Universes collapse and merge, tethered to threads of reality and sustained by a paradoxical power source. Nothing is impossible – it is time to become a Data Hacker.

  • Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards

Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards in a fun solitaire. 120 unique levels! Ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

lunar year bundle

  • Gnomes Garden

Dry summer withered the king’s beloved garden and the surrounding gardens of the kingdom alike. The ruler has fallen ill and the kingdom is in danger. Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.

  • Gnumz: Masters of Defense

An enemy army is at our gates! Build an ideal chain of traps. Use magic and the power of the elements: earth, ice, fire and shadow.

  • Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector’s Edition

The gates to another world will open soon! You can stop the impending disaster, but to do so at all costs to return the stolen stamps! Vanessa is the only heiress of Abraham Van Helsinga, a member of the secret order of light guarding the peace of our world.

  • Incitement 3

An expansive dystopian sci-fi world awaits you! Equipment customization, a varied cast and an epic story in this sci-fi epic from Astronomic Games.

  • Atonement: Scourge of Time

The last king was killed over 400 years ago and the global rule of the land ceased to exist. The Vindicator is coming. ~a decadent, dark fantasy world with a new take on the concepts of Angels and Demons!

  • Dark Shadows – Army of Evil

Dark Shadows – Army of Evil takes you back to September 1362. A horde of monsters has been ravaging the country like a plague of locusts for over a year. While you were away doing your knightly duties of catching a runaway horse, the monsters stormed the castle, injured the king, and kidnapped

Head over to Bundle Kings to snag your own copy of this fantastic bundle set.

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