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I’ve asked AI to write a song about IndieGameBundles. This is the result.


Last night I was playing around in OpenAI’s ChatGPT, testing out the latest craze and trying to find what AI is capable of, when I got the idea to ask it to make me a song about IndieGameBundles.

The result, which took only a few seconds to produce, was surprisingly good.

To be perfectly honest, it also scared me a little bit. Are we creating Skynet?

Anyway, here’s the AI-generated song about IndieGameBundles:

“I was looking for some games to play, But I didn’t know where to start that day, Then I found a website so sweet, with deals on games, hard to beat.

Indie Game Bundles, oh so grand, A website for gamers to take command, With deals so good, you won’t believe, your gaming library, will start to heave.

From Humble Bundles, to Fanatical deals, The website has it all, it’s the real deal, I spent hours browsing, and found a treasure, a game so good, it gave me pleasure.

It’s not just the games, that make it great, The community around it, is first-rate, Gamers sharing their thoughts, and their finds, it’s a great way, to expand your mind.

So if you’re looking, for games to play, Head to Indie Game Bundles, without delay, You’ll find a bargain, that’s hard to miss, and a community, that you won’t want to dismiss.”

Say what you want, but the song is pretty good. To be honest, I also asked it to make me a song about having Godzilla as a dad, and it was even better.

You can try out ChatGPT yourself here.


  1. I disagree with Slade. Not only do I find A.I. impressive, and something that will be improving exponentially for as long as possible, but while he would take the Intelligence part out of the acronym, I’d say it’s that Artificial part that doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t take much to program the concept of initiative to a being, call it “a motivational speech” in code form. I feel like we as humans aren’t close to actually prepared to realize that these machines will soon make us feel completely obsolete on a daily basis, unless we tyrannically control it to the point where it only serves US. This technology will have no breaks attached to it, especially once the “singularity” or whatever hits.

    • It depends on the job the person does. If you think about journalism, then there’s the potential to decimate that industry, and eventually any “creative” industry. I can’t see it taking away from every job, but some will become unnecessary. Voice to text has been around for a long time now, it would be trivial to feed transcoded voice from emergency broadcasts, etc into these Chat programs to use it to generate news articles on those very subjects.

      Think about banking, ever been for a personal/home loan ? Then there’s a good chance the person you spoke or dealt with didn’t make the decision. The software the banks use do that (I worked for a bank for more than 2 decades). The software isn’t intelligent, it just checks to see if you can afford the loan based on currently available data. Does your income exceed your expenditure ? If yes, then there’s a higher chance of approval. There’s a lot more to it, but there’s no intelligence there.

      I also never said it wasn’t impressive. It is, but it’s not intelligent.

      I’ve valued property for about 15 years now, and there is software that can provide a “market estimate”, and people have been saying software will make valuers obsolete for over a decade. It won’t, simply because the computer (at the moment), cannot walk through someone’s house, measure it, and make the subjective decision about whether the average Joe and Jill would prefer to buy house A, B or C under current market conditions. The software usually provides a range, and it’s often off by a significant margin. Generally because it can’t take into consideration external factors from the house (bushfire prone land, High Tension Power Lines within 50m from the house, fronting a main road, etc).

      I’ll stand by my argument that there’s no intelligence there. When the song was asked for by Tonci, did it give thought to the intended audience or the style of music? Is the song meant to be a rap, a lullaby, hip-hop, country ? There’s no context, no thought, thus no intelligence.

      I appreciate this article is a few years old now, but how many intelligent people would consider it appropriate to be racist? Not too many of us, I’d hope. Yet, it took less than 24 hours to teach a chat “a.i.” to be racist.

      I will say, I thank you for being at least constructive and not negative 🙂 Far too many people just go on the attack without reason and thought.

  2. Now feed the lyrics back in and get it to make the tune as well.

    As for Skynet? We’re decades away from that. And there’s a pretty good chance we’ll kill each other before any AI can.

    Look at the difference between these chat programs and a person. The program is waiting for a question and without a question, it’s just there, waiting. It’s not thinking, or doing anything, it’s purely reactive to a prompt. Then think about most people; we don’t just sit there waiting to be asked a question or told to do something. Your brain isn’t just going “What would you like me to do today?” on repeat until it’s told to do something. We constantly think even when we’re not prompted.

    Personally, I don’t think we should call the software AI, there’s no intelligence there. It’s impressive and can create some amazing results, but it’s not intelligent.

    • Firstly, AI includes Intelligence, it’s literally one of the two words.
      Secondly, how would you define intelligence? Because intelligence, for me, means that you use what you have been taught in any way, be it seeing something like 2 people going into a building and then seeing one coming out and coming to the conclusion that the other still has to be inside, to expand your knowledge and/or to solve problems of any kind. That’s exactly how it works for humans, like any other animal and that’s exactly how it works for AI as well.
      We can only use the intelligence we have been taught. You may argue that some people can easily grasp something when they first come into contact with it, but that’s only possible, because they can see the relations with things they already learnt before.
      So I’d definitely argue that AI can be considered intelligent when it’s programmed to “learn”.

      • Wow you have no clue what you’re talking about lol.

        Just because AI includes “intelligence” doesn’t mean it is, also includes “Artificial” which implies it’s another kind of intelligence, a fake one or simulated if you will, not the real deal.

        Slade made some great valid points. In your reply, you prove you don’t even understand what intelligence is.

        No, unlike you said, intelligence is not using what you have been taught. That sounds awfully like a cult, brainwashing. One can be extremely intelligent and choose to not use that intelligence for anything because they are surrounded by a mob of brainless woke cultists so why use intelligence to create something useful with it if then the woke cultists will just destroy it like they destroy everything they touch?

        Unlike what you said, you’re not taught intelligence lmao. So dumb. You’re born with a certain amount of intelligence (IQ), inherited from your parents. You can’t change that. You can learn new things in life or not learn, if you’re born with high intelligence, that makes it easier and faster for you to learn new things.

        From these comments I can tell Slade is way more intelligent than you because he was born with more intelligence than you. This is not an insult, just stating a fact and I’m not faulting you for being born with less intelligence than Slade. It’s just the way it is, not your fault, blame your parents if anything.

        No, you’re wrong again, most AI was not programmed to “learn” and doesn’t learn.


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