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All Half Life games are free right now


You can play all Half Life games for free until April 1st – in anticipation of Half Life: Alyx, upcoming virtual reality first-person shooter developed and published by Valve. Taking place before the events of Half-Life 2, players control Alyx Vance as she and her father Eli fight the occupying alien Combine.

It seems that after 2 months are up, if you don’t already own the games you will no longer be ably to to play them, so enjoy them while you can.

These titles will be available for free until April 1st 2020:

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  1. So they’re free but not really “free”. Leave it to Gabe Fuckhead to fuck up a giveaway. This is why I deleted my Wishlist and buy from whoever has the best price. Even the shady ones. I don’t give a fuck if the devs and pubs get fucked over. Not my problem. Especially if it’s an EA game. They can all get taint fungus for all I care.

  2. @orpheus ok that’s true but it’s still something added on to price of controller making it worth buying

    I just love hl and want it to be successful and I think them offering a bundle with game is good

  3. @Borg these games are really old and can be had for as little as 71p or even cheaper if you buy it as a pack only few quid

    I know steam gives away games but this game came from valve and if it wasn’t for this game then steam wouldn’t exist

    They are actually giving the next hl vr game for free if you buy their vr controller which is worth a lot

  4. It’s a free trial only (limited to 2 months). It’s a good chance if someone want to try it 🙂
    (But it not a free copy / permanent, “keep it forever” promotion)

  5. UNTIL April 1st? Wow, Valve. You stingy fucks. So glad I’m transitioning away from Valve and Steam. What once used to be an amazing corporation has turned into a stingy and cheap pile of shit.

  6. So it’s just free to play until April 1st, talk about get Jebaited! Or early April Fools stuff lol!
    Cause i can still buy Team Fortress Classic and the rest of the games, it’s on discounted tho, which is nice.
    Anyway i doubt i’ll play these games again.

  7. Can someone help me? I just downloaded all the games and i don’t know in what order to play them, there are too many… Thanks in advance!

  8. “…might as well just download Black Mesa…”
    Eh, it’s an unofficial remake of Half Life 1, but from what I’ve seen of it, they made changes to the game that don’t always feel true to the original. On the other hand, the original Half Life looks rather dated by modern standards (and the engine even felt a bit dated back before Half Life 2 came out), so Black Mesa might be better for those new to the series not wanting to start with a game from the late 90s. Of course, it’s also currently $20, not free, though I would expect it to go on sale again before Alyx comes out. It does only cover the first game though, and not its expansions, Half-Life 2, or the episodes. I didn’t try Blue Shift and Opposing Force back in the day, so those might be worth playing now.

    As for why these are only playable for a limited time, perhaps Valve wants people to actually play them to build interest in their upcoming game release, rather than simply adding them to their Steam library and forgetting about them.

  9. They are NOT permanent, it’s 2 months only… might as well just download Black Mesa, it’s better than all of these combined anyway…

  10. I cant wait to go back someday…

    This game means so much to me I actually played on the original xbox half life 2 that is , still cant believe they ported it to a console at the time I didn’t have a good enough pc to play it

    I had the original game as a demo on pc gamer I believe then years later I got hl and of in a big box real cheap on sale

    For those that owned it your old cd yes cd keys used to work on steam

    One of my all time favourites

    So happy they brought it Back , thanks to laidlaw for his blog and vnn for keeping us alive

    Thanks tonci for posting this


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