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Bioshock Infinite for $1 (and get your dollar back)


EDIT: No more keys!

Once you’ve voted here you can also claim a PC copy of Bioshock Infinite through Green Man Gaming for £1/$1, which will then be refunded as GMG credit. Here’s how to grab the game.

  1. Vote in the 33rd Golden Joystick Awards
  2. Create your GMG / Playfire account with the same mail you used to vote
  3. Link your Steam account on Playfire to receive your exclusive voucher code for BioShock Infinite for £1/$1/€1.
  4. Play BioShock Infinite and earn £1/$1/€1 GMG credit back.
  5. Bonus: Receive other great discounts from GMG.



  1. I got in a few seconds…and I use Playfire all the time, get like $2 every week just to play video games. … They bought the food, cooked the food, put it on the spoon and then put it in your mouth… If you can’t chew and swallow without help, than starve.

  2. If you’ve already linked your Steam account to Playfire, you’re screwed. The only way to unlink it is to message the support team. It’s been a week and they still won’t respond.


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