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Bundle Stars: Co-op Bundle


Co-op Bundle from Bundle Stars features 8 Steam games that have cooperative gameplay at their core, and is available for only $1.99 for the first 48 hours!

  • Murder Miners

Billed as a cross between Halo and Minecraft, this is a fast-paced FPS with a distinctive retro flavour. Embark on a murderous rampage in a crazy-fun infection mode, with destructible environments, vehicles, 30 players online, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Zombie Survival and more!

  • Light Bound

In Light Bound you will get thrown into randomly generated arenas that can only be seen by the light of the players and their weapons. Explore, collect weapons and upgrades, and do battle against your friends or the computer.

Shadow Puppeteer, Castle Miner Z, Space Farmers and Ted by Dawn are also worth your attention!

Co-op Bundle includes:

  • Shadow Puppeteer
  • Light Bound
  • SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Soundtrack Edition
  • CastleMiner Z
  • ZombieRun
  • Murder Miners
  • Space Farmers 2-Pack
  • Ted By Dawn

Grab the Co-op Bundle over at Bundle Stars.



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