Bundle Stars: Evolution Bundle


“Evolution… It is a key to our mutation…”

Wait. That’s not how it goes.

Evolution appears to be the theme of the latest Bundle Stars package. Evolution of species, civilizations or emotions.

Collosal Kaiju Combat puts you in the role of powerful mythical creature with extraordinary and devastating abilities. You can even engage kaiju battles with up to 4 of your friends! Freaking Meatbags, as it’s title suggests, is a fun to play RTS centered around building your base, gathering resources and fighting robots. If you dig games with unique art direction you should try Fancy Skulls.


Steam Bandits is inspired by games such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Sea of Stars is the latest installment in the Infinite Space series and follows a whole new starship adventure. If you’re up for adventure, you can try Dreaming Sarah, a bizarre puzzler/platformer with interesting cast of characters led by titular Sarah.

Evolution Bundle includes:

  • Colossal Kaiju Combat: Kaijuland Battles
  • Freaking Meatbags
  • Fancy Skulls
  • Steam Bandits: Outpost
  • Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars
  • Dreaming Sarah

Get it over at Bundle Stars.

FUN FACT: Did you know that kaiju is a Japanese word that literally translates to “strange creature,”and is used to refer to a genre of entertainment. Kaiju films usually showcase monsters of any form, usually attacking a major Japanese city or engaging another monster in battle. Unfortunately, most of kaiju video games have been strictly related to their big screen counterparts.

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