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Current Bundles

Fanatical Mystery Steam Deck Bundle

In the Mystery on the Move Bundle, you'll find three amazing titles rated 70% or higher on Steam, all of which can be played from your Steam Deck.

IndieGala Holy Moly Steam Game Bundle

IndieGala Holy Moly Steam Game Bundle just launched – a game bundle of 5 Steam games including AER Memories of Old, Tales of the Neon Sea and 3 more indie games for $6.99 total

Fanatical Build Your Own Breakout Bundle

Choose any 3, 5, or 8 Steam games to add of your bundle! Get any 3 games for $4.99, 5 games for $6.99 or 8 Steam games for $9.99.

Humble Game Bundle: May Multiplayer Madness

Join forces, plan strategies, cause some chaos—and score some S-tier exotics and legendaries—in this bundle of multiplayer-focused games!

Fanatical Bethesda VR Collection

Get the complete VR works from Bethesda collecting 4 Steam VR games from their biggest franchises: DOOM, The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and Fallout!

Fanatical Steam Deck Bundle – Premium Edition

Choose any 2, 3, or 5 Steam Deck games to add of your bundle! Get any 2 games for $6.99, 3 games for $9.99 or 5 Steam games for $14.99.

Fanatical Killer Bundle 26 – 26 Steam keys for $20

A brand new BundleFest launched starting with Killer Bundle 26! This PC Steam game bundle delivers 26 awesome Steam games for $20: get The Ascent, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dishonored and more!

IndieGala Huge Pixel Bundle

Get 9 Steam keys for cheap with the new IndieGala Huge Pixel Bundle for $2.99. Includes Toadomination, Circus Pocus and more indie games.

Humble Game Bundle: CAPCOM Heroic Collection

Get up to 10 legendary Steam games from CAPCOM starting from just $1! This PC game bundle collects Mega Man Legacy Collections, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and more!

Fanatical Mystery Mayhem Bundle

In this mystery Steam game bundle by Fanatical, you can get 1 random Steam game for $1, 5 for $4.39 and so on until maximum of 20 Steam games for $13.49.

Steam Freedom Games Bundle (5 Steam keys, $5)

Want to get some indie Steam keys for cheap? This PC Steam game bundle delivers 5 awesome Steam games for just $5. Get Funtasia, Wounded - The Beggining, Ruin Raiders and more.

Türkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief Mega Bundle

Pay at least $10 to get 203 indie games, books and RPGs for PC in this charity bundle. 100% of proceeds of this bundle will go to charities helping people in Turkey and Syria.

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