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Review : Grimoire – Manastorm (Early Access)

Grimoire - Manastorm is a recent early access release. Brandon Dayton reviews this amazing magic-based FPS with 6 (10 upon release) classes and endless playstyles. Harness the power, and destroy anywizard who stands in your way.

Review : Blackguards 2

Brandon Dayton reviews Blackguards 2. Introducing Cassia of Tenos, who will lead the heroes of the previous Blackguards game. Blackguards 2 offers superior 4x strategic fantasy combat with an amazing story.

Review: TRI: Of Friendship And Madness

Brandon takes a look at puzzle platforming at it's finest in TRI: Of Friendship and Madness review. Create platforms and climb walls! Definitely not for squares. Also, how to get it for 33% off details inside!

Review : Apotheon

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Apotheon. A Greek action-adventure peppered with survival elements and lessons on mythology. Shown at PAX Prime 2013, it is now ready for the grand unveiling!

Review : Skilltree Saga

Brandon Dayton reviews Skilltree Saga, a casual RPG featuring a round-based combat system and a tremendous soundtrack. Based on The Dark Eye board games, which outsold Dungeons and Dragons in Germany!

Review: Deponia The Complete Journey

Find out if the game about a planet of trash is trash or treasure!

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