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City of Brass is free at Epic Games Store


Epic Games is giving away FREE copies of City of Brass for one week, starting today and lasting until April 7th 2022. This game was free previously way back in May 2019.

City of Brass is free at Epic Games Store

Epic has announced that they will keep the weekly free game giveaways even in 2022 so make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook or Steam to get a reminder when each new free game giveaway launches!


Become a daring thief in City of Brass, a first-person action adventure from senior BioShock developers.

Armed with scimitar and a versatile whip, you’ll lash and slash, bait and trap your way to the heart of an opulent, Arabian Nights-themed metropolis – or face certain death as time runs out.


Just head over to Epic Games Store or navigate to the game in their launcher before April 7th 2022, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever. Make sure to check in next Thursday for the next Epic Games Store freebie.

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  1. Both games was giving for free. City of Brass in may 30, 2019.

    Total War Warhammer was giving for free by Prime Gaming of Amazon in january of this year 2022. Was free all the whole month.

    • I don’t think epic games gaveaway this one before. I never missed their games… but I never got this one before. Maybe the older giveaway was done by another store?

        • It seems that it was given in may 30… damn… it seems I did missed a game… 2019 was a year that I missed some games in its spring but I believed that none was from epic. It seems that there was indeed one from epic. It seems that I was mistaken.


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