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Destiny or Fate is free on Steam for 24 hours


Destiny or Fate is a deck-building roguelite game. Choose a hero, build a deck and a party of mythical creatures, and set out on an endless adventure! Get if free for 24 hours only on Steam.

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Each time the game begins, you set out on a journey with one of the heroes you’ve unlocked. You unlock new heroes as you advance in the game. Each hero has their own special abilities that can be enhanced. Some heroes have powerful attack skills, while others are responsible for keeping your party’s defenses up.

In Destiny or Fate, heroes cannot be “controlled directly.” However, the player can use a hero’s unique skills each time they play a certain combination of cards. The tactics you use during card battles will thus vary dramatically depending on your hero. Heroes also have passive skills that don’t need to be activated.

Each character in the game has their own backstory that is reflected in their personality and abilities.

Destiny or Fate has mixed reviews on Steam, it usually costs $6.59 but will be available for free on Steam until August 28th 2020. Get it for free at this link.


Just head over to Steam or navigate to the game in Steam Client, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

Free game offer is available until August 28th 2020 @ 7 PM CET

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