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DIG Greenlight Bundle 10


DIG Greenlight Bundle 10 collects 8 Steam Greenlight games for just $1.99.

Beat the average and pay $2.07 to get two copies of the bundle!

DIG Greenlight Bundle 10 comes with the following titles:

  • Final Quest 2
  • Midnight Carnival
  • Super Mega RPuG
  • Colossal Blueprint
  • Gates of the Road
  • Kombine
  • The Land of Dasthir
  • Our Wonderful World

Grab this Greenlight bundle over at Daily Indie Game

You will receive DRM free download links (via ITCH.IO) after your purchase.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite games on Greenlight! You will also receive STEAM keys if the games are released on STEAM.



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