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DIG Bundle : Super Bundle 52


Daily Indie Game Super Bundle #52!

Back again, with a 52nd DIG bundle! Sit back and enjoy the action-adventure stylings of Endorlight. Embark on a space-flight to secure resources for the homeworld in Nebula : Online. Speedrun your way toward saving the queen in Guardians of Victoria!!… You can even just kick back and work on a puzzle. Pixel Puzzles 2 offers multiple sequels in this bundle, so take your pick from birds or anime and take a break from all the frantic action offered

  • Endorlight

Endorlight is rogue-like game in which you have to find a way out to the next level. Each level contains a new and tougher enemies. Used your axe, bow or whip to defeat them!

  • Cataegis : The White Wind

Welcome to Cataegis – The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter, a frantic 2D arcade action retro-style game that pays homage to the glory days of 8-bit side scrolling gaming.

  • Nebula : Online

Nebula Online space massive multiplayer online game, in which you can take part in global conflict among three races. Create your unique ship, obtain resources, explore space together with your friends. Nebula Online – it is one big world to all players from all countries.

  • Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, in a kawaii style.

  • Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds

Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, with crabs scurrying around so WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!

  • Guardians of Victoria

Forget everything you know about traditional ‘runner’ games! Guardians of Victoria brings twists and turns to the table – a plethora of interesting features that brings this genre back to life!

All 6 games in this bundle include trading cards! You can even get a 2nd DIG bundle for a friend by beating the average price. Check out the DIG Super Bundle 52, HERE!

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