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Be a Cute Pomeranian in DORONKO WANKO, Free on Steam


In this game, You can become a cute, innocent Pomeranian, make your master’s home messy and dirty. “Will the master be angry with me?” Don’t worry. Because you are a sweet doggie.

DORONKO WANKO has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

In this endearing adventure, players take on the role of a mischievous Pomeranian with a mission: to wreak havoc on its home before its owner returns. Aptly translated as “Muddy Puppy,” Doronko Wanko tasks players with guiding the adorable pooch as it rolls in mud and gleefully splashes its surroundings, gradually unlocking new areas of the house to wreak havoc.

You can grab DORONKO WANKO on Steam for free for unlimited time. Thanks, BANDAI NAMCO!

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