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Get Dungeon of the Endless + DLC for free on Steam


SEEEEGAAAAA! Get Dungeon of The Endless + 4 DLC on Steam in a promo by Amplitude Studios.

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Dungeon of the Endless is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out…

  • Head over to Amplitude Studios webpage
  • Register and link your Steam account
  • Add the main game and Deep Freeze DLC to your account
  • Go to Steam and add 3 free DLCs available there

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  1. Currently this is a total scam since they simply put a brief message at the bottom “sorry we’re out of keys” but there’s literally zero estimate of time to restock or indication that they will restock.

      • Lol “no special offer”

        it’s confirmed to be in my Amplified account and also still offered all over their website as free, and I was able to claim the DLC. Meanwhile, they have my account linked to steam and my email address to spam me with ‘offers’ so yes, it’s a scam. Please don’t reply to people with unhelpful garbage like this, thanks. If you can’t help, mind your business.

  2. What a joke, registering for an account says that it can’t accept the domain for the email. I used HOTMAIL. Lol. Then I tried a YAHOO one. So yeah their site is borked or something. Oh well, pass.

  3. This was my process.
    After creating account and confirming by email. Closed the old tab and used the new on it opens.
    It asked for username or email but only email worked, case sensitive?.
    After linking steam then had to go to profile.
    At the very top right you’ll see a gift icon, that’s the rewards page.
    Or what Livia spoke of, you get to see the horizontal ribbon menu at the bottom of the GAMES2GETHER header. I didn’t see it until after since I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for other than the horizontal menu.
    Then you’re going to get an error.
    Sorry, that page can’t be found!
    The page you’re looking for may have been moved or deleted.
    Why not try your search again, return home, or check out our latest games below:

    Go to there other reward, love thyself. Hit play game, say I have steam installed. TBH this is just getting your steam open. I did so to confirm if it was even available. Now that steam is open, cancel thyself. Check if it’s The endless dungeon is up. Cool it is, switch to library to get off its page. Go back to The Endless Dungeon reward on the same page that you had Love Thyself within your browser.
    Permit link at bottom right again. Agree to authorization again. Success. Now hit back to restore the page in a refreshed state easily. Still a success, woot.
    Now onto the dlc. on the steam page there’s 3 updates for free, scroll down for content for this game.
    Click SEE ALL v. And you’ll see the free add-ons.
    As for the add-on that cost money which is currently free, return to rewards.
    instead of clicking on the game to link it, continue to scroll down further.
    Find the Deep Freeze add-on and click on it. Now just like before, permit link at bottom right again. Agree to authorization again. Success.

    Hopefully a TLDR Variant.
    1. Go to page, accept cookies for now.
    2. Click Register
    3. Confirm it by email and close old page.
    4. Log in using the email not user name. May also just take time to a few attempts.
    Link your steam on your account page https://account.community.amplitude-studios.com/account/link-account
    6. Click go to your profile at the top right within your link account tab.
    7. At the top right in the center, there’s a gift icon, click that.
    8. Now the first image you’ll see and on the left will be the game. Click it.
    9. A overlay should pop up. At the bottom right you’ll see a link icon button, click it.
    9.2 if it brings up an error, head back, refresh and try again.
    10. Go back to rewards, now instead of clicking on the game, continue to scroll down until you can find Deep Freeze DLC.
    11. Repeat step 9.
    Free updates can be found in the Content for this Game on the game page within steam. One was hidden so be sure to click the SEE ALL.
    “Hope you find this helpful. Have a great day.”

  4. Their webpage is a complete shitshow.

    1) After registering and linking Steam account, there will be a horizontal menu.
    Click on Rewards section, and when it loads scroll down to Filters
    Dropbox and select Dungeon of the Endless.
    2) Now click on the image that contains base game.
    3) A window will pop up with 2 sections, at the bottom of the right one
    there will be a link to Steam, click it and allow when it requires authorization.
    4) repeat for DLC
    5) Go to Steam Store page of the game and claim additional DLCs

    FFS I bet it’s not even worth the effort

    • ty very much. Though I am getting: temporarily out of keys/stock, refilling… blah
      Not to mention that it took me a while to understand that I already had an account, that this is Games2Gether (dot) com


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