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Epic Games Store will continue giving free games throughout 2020


Epic Games Store has announced it’s extending the weekly free game program throughout 2020. Every single week, at least one game will be given away to anyone that logs in to EGS claims it. Once the game is claimed, it’s yours to keep forever.

Epic Games has given away 73 games so far with a total retail value of $1455, including a lot of indie hits such as INSIDE, Super Meat Boy and Fez, and some surprising AAA titles such as the Batman Arkham Series and Rayman Legends, plus many others.

The average OpenCritic score of all the free games is 80. EGS currently has 108 Million users.

The next Epic Games Store freebie to be given away this Thursday is HORACE, a game called “The best platform game of 2019”.

To get Horace, and all other future games that will come out during 2020, follow us on TwitterFacebook or Steam to get a notification of future free game giveaways.

To see what other free games we wrote about, check out the Freebies category.


  1. Yeah, I love GOG too! I try to buy my games there first, especially CD Projekt Red stuff so they get all of the money and not have to pay any fees to the other stores for their games.

  2. Personally I don’t care if my game comes from epic , steam , origin , uplay or elsewhere as long as it plays OK its no skin off my nose which platform its on . I like Epic games store and the free games are a nice bonus .

  3. So, you are saying it’s better for the industry if you buy your games from what appears to be some shady unauthorized key-reseller site, where it’s unclear what portion of the profits go to the developer, rather than getting them directly from one of the stores that the developers are actually selling them on? A site like that is likely buying up keys for very little from some financially-unstable part of the world, then reselling them in other regions without the developer’s consent, so while they might be offering a lower price than anyone else, they are arguably using even more questionable tactics to get there.

    Also, Epic isn’t exactly “forcing exclusives”. From the sound of it, they are offering to pay the developer for a guaranteed number of advance sales in exchange for timed exclusivity, and the developer can in turn use that money right away to finish polishing the game, or get started on their next title, while knowing in advance that the game will have at least recouped its development costs.

    And since Epic has paid for a large number of keys in advance, it’s in their best interest to help the developer advertise the game. So, at least for smaller developers making a high quality product, they are less likely to get lost in the sea of shovelware that Steam has become in recent years. And that’s Steam’s own fault. Since the advent of Greenlight, Steam has become flooded with tons of low-quality content, and that only became worse when they opened the floodgates with Steam Direct. Prior to Greenlight, only about 1 new game was released on Steam each day, so it was possible for all of them to get featured on the main store page. Now, it averages over 20 new game releases a day, so it’s easy for most titles to get overlooked due to a lack of advertising budget and an overcrowded marketplace. Steam has done a poor job making their site a good place to sell quality games, and developers are seeking exclusivity elsewhere as a result.

    On a more curated site like Epic, game developers know that they will get their product featured, with some assurance that their game should be profitable. Epic today is a lot like what Steam was a decade ago, and many would argue that Steam was in many ways better then, despite not offering as many features. And that’s certainly not to say that Epic is perfect, but their service could be seen as being better than Valve’s in a number of ways from a developer standpoint.

    And as for competition, Valve seems to be trying to improve their storefront and client lately in response to Epic and other competing game distribution services. It’s very possible that you wouldn’t see these features added to Steam if it weren’t for them.

  4. Guys, it’s not competition when you buy your rise to the top. Where’s the competition in forcing exclusives? Unless you are a big guy in the industry, you can only sell your stuff in epic if your stuff is exclusive to epic. Where’s the competition there? Where’s our ability to choose the best competitor?

    This year Steam added the ability to play games with people that have not bought them (remote play together). Epic added the shopping cart. Sorta. It doesn’t work right. Great competitor, right? The guy that needs to gives away free stuff every week to keep its customers coming.

    People just don’t understand the meaning of “competition”, nor the reason why it’s good.

    Epic the opposite of a competitor. They are good for some developers right now. But they are terrible for video game industry, it’s the lose of the player.

    But hey, we will have a bunch of cheap games for free. 1400 bucks my ass. I can buy the original arkham trilogy for 3 bucks any day on eneba. And those are the best games they gave away.

  5. NEWS

    Wed, 15 January 2020


    by Cat Simulator
    Cat Simulator is FREE for a limited time!
    Cat Simulator is FREE for a limited time!

    looks like a free steam game but it should be add to library and its not hope they fix it iv let the mods know

  6. @Alex I know about gog galaxy but there is other software out there that isn’t designed to install or launch games, these software aim is to just keep a database with pictures and details of the game and where you have it physical or online stores

    This way is just a huge a to z record and not tied to any platform or company be it steam epic etc

    Think of it like IMDb is for films but this is offline on your computer

  7. I appreciate the free games but when I go to play them I prefer to use steam/gog/uplay or wherever has the additional extra of achievements. I hope Epic adds these to their platform.

  8. @Blues mobile
    GOG Galaxy is a great way to organize all your accounts for gaming, and it’s all there on one page for you to just klick and play/ install, regardless if its a steam epic or any other client

  9. @emeraldgirl yeah I agree to me it’s just the game that matters and price , I’m more of a physical owner as I know and feel like I actually own the game whereas digital games the company can close and you lose your rights of ownership

    Having said that Gog is really good and a positive move as they allow the installer to be used for offline backups and thus if they ever went down you still have a copy on dvd or hdd

    Plus they are drm free which is fantastic and a lot of gog games are included with all dlc

    I hate dlc and online transactions, I like it old school just install it play it delete it when done

    What a nice time to be a gamer 2020 gaming for free full games I used to buy magazines just to get the demo CD , times have changed I don’t know but someday I hope I get to play all these games I missed out on over the years

  10. Wow another year I thought they would stop this new years day awesome news!

    I missed few games so if they repeat first ones I’d still be happy free is free

    This means my really small steam library is never going to beat epics giveaways

    Iv noticed that old games from the 90s are on steam those are what I really want but I might as well get them on gog , wondering if epic will ever have a big collection that includes everything someday, looks like that might be possible

    Have you all ever game collection organiser software?

    Iv seen some guides on building a database of everything you ever played or own physically, I want to have some windows based software to help me remember what I got and where

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance would be cool to make a guide here on igb

  11. A lot of people rag on the Epic Games Store, but I really like it! The more competition there is among game stores such as EGS and Steam, the more competitive the prices – and that’s good for shoppers. Also more competition for lower fees – and that’s good for developers/publishers. I’ve bought two games from EGS so far that aren’t sold on Steam and I got a really good low price for Far Cry Primal Apex Edition, much lower than on Steam even when on sale there!


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