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Fanatical Bento Bundle 4


A tasty line-up to feed that gaming hunger! Enjoy a lip-smacking selection of anime Steam PC titles in the brand-new Bento Bundle 4 – featuring ten games.

Fanatical Bento Bundle 4 includes the following Steam keys packed with 10 games for a total of $5.99: 

VOUCHER: Use the voucher code BESTDAD for an extra 7% off!

Buy The Fanatical Bento Bundle 4 here

6 out of 8 titles featured in this PC Steam game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 8 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows.

Get a coupon for 5% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER (exclusions apply) when you purchase this bundle.


  1. Hmmm… already got Exceed and Learn Japanese, dunno if White Day is good or even scary, especially when I almost never get scared.

    • Boo!

      I haven’t looked at the bundle yet 🙂 I’ll do that later today. I gotta head out.

      Edit: I own most of the eXceed bundle. I’m missing the DLC, and like you, I own all of the Learn Japanese games. Still, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (dopey name), is going for $85AU on Steam at the moment and I don’t mind the occasional jRPG.

      The bundle is $8.50AU for those who are interested.

      • 😱😱😱

        I pretty much ignored Xanadu and only paid attention onto White Day. Xanadu price wisely wouldn’t be a bad deal, but for me it just looks like the most basic anime collaborated with Suda51’s KiD. I guess it would be a great ironically fun game (judging by the slo mo scene in the trailer). No idea about Death Mark or Synergia, but for only 6 euros this is quite a good bundle, would’ve bought it already if I didn’t own eXwife and Learn How to Play Japanese Exclusive Anime Games.


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