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Fanatical Fully Loaded 6 Bundle


Time to get your game on with seven NEW-TO-BUNDLE games in the 6th edition Fanatical Fully Loaded Bundle.

Perfect your inventory management skills in Save Room – Organization Puzzle, navigate deadly lands in Astronarch, strategically attack and destroy enemy warships in Battlecruisers, and put your feet up with the cute puzzler, Cats in Time.

And more! Here’s a complete list of all the games you get in this bundle for $3.49:

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  1. Sadly there’s nothing here that screams “must have” or “Oooh, interesting” for me. For $3.50 it’s not overly pricey, so if you have any interest in a few of the games, it might be worth getting.

    The second game is…different. It’s a puzzle game, like Tangram, with a bit of a twist in that you can combine items to make other items and use those on yet more items. It actually looks like it could be fun, if you like puzzle games. The only oddity, is everything is based on guns. American’s and their fascination with guns is weird.

    • Save Room is a homage to Resident Evil 4’s attaché case inventory. A few of the guns are direct references (Killer 6, Fixed Butterfly).

      40 levels, takes an hour or two to finish depending on how stumped you get. Would recommend for folks who like RE4 and/or puzzle games.

      • That explains it. The familiarity is there, once you point it out. It just seemed like an odd choice without context. I like the tangram aspect of it and games with a limited inventory, like RE are amusing because of that shuffling of items to make as many fit as possible.


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