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Fanatical Guardian Bundle 4


A brand new game bundle has launched today! Shape worlds and solve mysteries with the brand-new Fanatical Guardian Bundle 4 featuring up to 11 Steam games!

Choose one of 3 tiers; the more you pay, the more Steam keys you get:

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get A Hole New World, Sumoman and Shape of the World

TIER 2: Pay $4.49 to also receive Get To The Orange Door, Evan’s Remains, Ministry of Broadcast, She Sees Red, A Long Way Down and Depraved

TIER 3: Pay $5.99 or more to get the top tier of games, including all the games in the first two tiers plus Helheim Hassle and Neurodeck

You can buy Fanatical Guardian Bundle 4 here for a limited time

Plus as part of your order, you will be sent a 5% discount coupon to use on your next games bundle from Fanatical.

6 of 11 titles featured in this PC indie game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 11 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games in the Fanatical Guardian Bundle 4 are playable on Windows, few of them are also playable on Mac and/or Linux.

This bundle will be available to purchase from October 27th to November 30th 2021.

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  1. Sumoman looks like the sort of ragdoll physics dumb fun I usually enjoy after a few drinks. Don’t think I’ll bother with the other tiers, already have too many point & click games I’ll likely never get round to playing.

    • Overall, this one is quite good. There is one FMV style adventure game, two deck building / card games and some platform puzzlers here too. Bonus: I don’t own any of them. This one is worth picking up.

      • Yeah, been a while since there’s been one with so many new to bundle games. If I didn’t already have an adventure game backlog that’ll last me a few years I’d have grabbed the higher tiers.


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