Fanatical Indie Mystery Bundle (and others)

Everyone loves a good Indie game, right? Well, get ready to discover even more great titles to add to your Steam Library with the Indie Mystery Bundle.

Choose up to five keys and see what mysterious Indie games you’ll find hidden away!

Get 1 key for $1, add more and get more keys, up to 5 which would cost you $4.39.

Fanatical Indie Mystery Bundle

Please note: If you buy between 1-5 games in one transaction, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, there’s a chance that you will receive the same game.

Besides this mystery bundle, there are other, genre specific mystery bundles like Adventure Mystery bundle, RPG Mystery bundle etc. Check them all out at Fanatical.

Buy the Fanatical Indie Mystery Bundle here

BONUS: Get a coupon for 12% off your next Fanatical order (exclusions apply) when you purchase this product

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