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Fanatical Mystery Crate Bundle


There’s nothing as great as a mystery crate! Get ready to find your new favourite game with an all-new box of goodies up for grabs in Fanatical’s latest mystery bundle.

Choose up to 10 awesome games and open yourself up to some brand new experiences, with everything from AAA hits, highly-rated indie titles, action-packed shooters, engrossing RPGs and much, much more. With so many new games to try, your game of 2022 could be just a few clicks away!

In this mystery bundle, you can get 1 game for $0.99, 2 for $1.89 and so on up to maximum of 10 games for $6.99.

Mystery bundles are a risky business and their worth is entirely subjective and based on luck, but in case you did buy one, please leave a comment below the post and tell us which games you got. 

Some of the games reported to be in this bundle:

Please note: If you buy one bundle in a single order, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, through one or more orders, there’s a chance that you will receive duplicate copies of one or more game..

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  1. No. Just…No!
    These mystery bundles are just a way of getting rid of excess garbage keys for cheap games. Sure, they’ll throw in a few keys for newer, better games, but compared to the overly bundled games, they’ll be quite low.
    If you’re new to PC gaming, then, it might be worth your money, but for those of us to have a decent collection, then this bundle is just throwing money away.

    • Yeah, a chance to win the 1 copy of God of War or one of the 999,999 copies of Catlateral Damage they have left over. At the end of the day it’s just gambling, if you can afford to lose the money then I’m not going to tell you how to spend it but IMO you’re better off saving towards games you actually want.


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