Fanatical Mystery Vault Bundle 5

Introducing the Fanatical Mystery Vault Bundle 5!

Get ready for the ultimate gaming surprise with our Mystery Vault bundle. You’ll receive up to 20 incredible games, carefully curated from a selection of over 250 titles, spanning indie darlings to blockbuster AAA hits. The twist? You won’t know what’s inside until you open the vault, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

In this mystery bundle, you can get 1 game for $1, 2 for $1.89 and so on until maximum of 20 games for $13.49.

Fanatical Mystery Vault Bundle 5

Use the voucher code OMEN10 for extra 10% off!

Mystery bundles are a risky business and not many people like to gamble with their hard-earned money, but in case you did buy one, please leave a comment below the post and tell us which games you got.

Some of the games reported to be in this bundle:

Please note: If you buy one bundle in a single order, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, through one or more orders, there’s a chance that you will receive duplicate copies of one or more game..

Buy the Fanatical Mystery Vault Bundle 5 here

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